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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Max is a Weird Eater

foods max loves:
  • green beans (i am thanking my lucky stars - i have a kid who likes green veggies)
  • whole wheat bread
  • corn bread
  • almost any bread, actually
  • beans, especially field peas and butter beans
  • green peas
  • corn
  • short cut pasta (he loves mini farfalle, the little bow ties).
  • tomatoes
  • squash
  • cheerios (to be a baby means to love these, i think)
  • graham crackers (with peanut butter sometimes now that he's a year old)
  • bananas - i should have put these first. they're his most favorite food EVER.
  • canned peaches
  • canned pears
  • yogurt
  • applesauce of any variety. i've been buying the mott's healthy harvest with other fruit purees mixed in lately. or the plain old natural applesauce (regular, not all natural, applesauce is just full of corn syrup).
  • zwieback toast
  • any kind of cracker you throw at him
  • baby cereal (rice, oatmeal, etc. mixed up thick) with applesauce
  • sandwich meat of any kind (i try to find the one w/ the lowest sodium)
  • baby snacks - puffs, yogurt melts, li'l crunchies, wagon wheels
  • grilled cheese sandwiches
  • chicken (usually. he is currently boycotting meat in all forms, so i'm pushing beans right now.)
  • pot roast
  • birthday cake and cupcakes. duh. but he doesn't eat cake very often.
  • mac and cheese. duh.
  • pasta sauce with lots of veggies in it - onions, bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, throw in some frozen mixed veggies. tomato or alfredo sauce. he loves it.
  • couscous
foods max sometimes tolerates:
  • carrots (he eats them best when mixed w/ something)
  • french fries
  • cinnamon rolls (but only when i'm eating one. if you give him a piece of his own he doesn't want it anymore)
  • regular oatmeal
  • pancakes
  • kiwi (lately, he will not eat kiwi at all, but he used to eat it all the time)
  • pineapple
  • rice (you never know if he will eat it or spit it out). last time i made fried rice, max picked out the veggies and ate them but wouldn't touch the rice.
  • spaghetti (i think the long stringy pasta frustrates him)
  • broccoli, but only if it's pureed. one day i will convince him to eat little chunks of steamed broccoli.
  • small pieces of cheese
  • ice cream
  • chicken and dumplings
  • microwave meals with tomato sauce (think chef boyardee)
  • english muffins
  • cereal bars
foods max simply will not eat:
  • potatoes (most of the time)
  • teething biscuits/biter biscuits (surprising b/c they're kind of sweet. yes, i tasted one when max consistently took a bite and threw it on the floor.)
  • muffins
  • plain baby cereal
  • meat loaf
  • any kind of chex cereal. cheerios are far superior.
  • fresh blueberries. he likes blueberry applesauce.
  • beef stew
  • gerber li'l sticks meat sticks. i tried one. they're pretty gross.
  • microwave baby/toddler meals (sometimes he'll eat the little pasta stars in tomato/meat sauce. he won't touch the mac and cheese, chicken or turkey stew with rice or noodles). he will pick the veggies out of them, and eat them. nothing else.

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