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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Things I've Done Today...

  • made doctor's appointment for max for 2:30 this afternoon
  • took max to daycare
  • went to library
  • drove to daphne to get oil changed in car
  • worked on chapter 2 while waiting for car to be finished
  • did max's laundry
  • swept and mopped living room and kitchen
  • made and ate grilled cheese & tomato sandwich
things i still have to do today
  • play w/ krull the warrior king so he doesn't feel abandoned
  • pick max up from daycare
  • pack a diaper bag
  • take max to doctor
  • figure out what to have for dinner
  • make dinner
  • tend to the max
  • lots more work on chapter 2
and possibly make a pharmacy run, depending on how the doctor's appointment goes. busy day.

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