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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Such a Freaking Ordeal

mmkay... so, i already said that i took max for blood tests today. the nurse called back from the pediatrician's office, and everything was normal except for one thing. whatever they test for related to thyroid function was elevated. and that's probably related to the hives. but they want us to repeat that test in two weeks even if the hives are gone by then (pretty please, let them be gone by then?).

also, the nurse made us an appointment with an allergist, but it's not until a week from monday. which seems like a long time from now. factoring into that length of time is the fact that i have to leave for corpus christi on wednesday, and i'm not going to be back until sunday. we couldn't get in before wednesday. boo.

AND - the allergist wants us to take max off of all antihistamines for FIVE DAYS before the appointment. the nurse i talked to said she told them that might not be possible and advised me not to give max any atarax starting on thursday of next week but to go ahead and give him some if he breaks out too bad and basically tell the allergist to suck it (not the words used by the nurse. she was much more professional).

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