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Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Worrying, It Never Stops

so, max has bronchitis. the doc made a point of telling me he doesn't think it's pneumonia. the thought of a barely 1 year old getting pneumonia scares the crap out of me. i had it when i was 14, and i missed 2 weeks of school and was thisclose to being hospitalized. i imagine it would be very bad for a baby.

max's right ear is also infected, and there is a dime-sized red bump on his leg near where he got his last round of shots. it could be a reaction to either the MMR vaccine or the chickenpox vaccine, both of which were given in his right leg. the bump appeared within the window of time when reactions usually appear for those vaccines. i was told to apply a warm rag to the area for a few minutes a few times a day and put neosporin on it. if it gets worse (bigger, more tender, develops pus), it'll have to be looked at again.

and if that weren't enough to make a parent crazy, max has lost 5 ounces since his checkup two weeks ago. as you are well aware, i spend enough time freaking out about max's weight as it is. and the thing is, he's been eating pretty well lately. i think i will choose to blame the weight loss on the timing of his snacks before the two appointments. he ate about 45 minutes before his checkup a couple of weeks ago, and it had been almost two hours since his snack when he was weighed today.

oh yeah, and just in case the ear infection, runny nose, and bronchitis weren't making max fussy enough all by themselves, he has a molar trying to come in.

woe is me.

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