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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Such a Freaking Ordeal

mmkay... so, i already said that i took max for blood tests today. the nurse called back from the pediatrician's office, and everything was normal except for one thing. whatever they test for related to thyroid function was elevated. and that's probably related to the hives. but they want us to repeat that test in two weeks even if the hives are gone by then (pretty please, let them be gone by then?).

also, the nurse made us an appointment with an allergist, but it's not until a week from monday. which seems like a long time from now. factoring into that length of time is the fact that i have to leave for corpus christi on wednesday, and i'm not going to be back until sunday. we couldn't get in before wednesday. boo.

AND - the allergist wants us to take max off of all antihistamines for FIVE DAYS before the appointment. the nurse i talked to said she told them that might not be possible and advised me not to give max any atarax starting on thursday of next week but to go ahead and give him some if he breaks out too bad and basically tell the allergist to suck it (not the words used by the nurse. she was much more professional).

Life's Little Annoyances

so, i still haven't gotten around to cutting max's hair, even though i've been talking about it for a month. and strangers still think he's a girl. we were checking out at walmart the other day, and the cashier thought max was girl. he was wearing a cream colored onesie, navy blue plants, and brown shoes. he had an orange and green paci. does that scream "girl" to you?

then today i took him for blood work at the hospital, and this old man who was also waiting at the outpatient registration desk also assumed max is a girl. today he is wearing an orange onesie trimmed in dark olive green with dinasours on it and jeans. same brown shoes and orange and green paci. again, does that scream "girl" to anyone else?

maybe it's just because he's so pretty...

but whatever. i finally convinced the pediatrician to take some action in trying to pinpoint the cause of max's hives, so he ordered a full blood workup, whatever that means. i'm hoping it includes some allergy tests.

i was at the lab working on some chemical analyses when the doctor's office called me back and told me to take max over to providence for the blood work (they can't do all the tests in the doctor's office, so we had to go to the outpatient center at the hospital). SOOO... i had to stop what i was doing, freeze my samples to finish up tomorrow, pick max up from daycare and get him over to the hospital to get stuck with a needle.

i was a little freaked when the nurse asked how much max weighs so they could determine how much blood they could take (up to 10 ml). so i put him down on the exam table, surrounded by three nurses (gotta keep him still while they draw that much blood), they wrapped his tiny arm in a tourniquet and used a tiny little needle and syringe to take what they needed. we're supposed to get the results later this afternoon. i'm hoping they tell us what's causing the hives. and that we can fix it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's New With You?

i don't really have new stuff to blog at you about. i DO, however, have some OLD stuff to blog at you about. the hives saga continues here in latina-land. it is day 13. or is it day 14? i don't know, but tomorrow will make two weeks with no break from the hives.

yesterday i made the mistake of not giving max any antihistamines until 5:15 p.m. and this was after only giving him the inferior benadryl monday afternoon. why did i do this, you ask? well, i did this because 1) max didn't have very many welts yesterday morning (just a few on one leg and one or two intermittently popping up on his face) and 2) max didn't seem all that itchy and 3) max has once again developed a cold, and for some reason benadryl is better than atarax at controlling his runny nose.

throughout the day yesterday, i noticed more welts gradually appearing, but i held off on giving max any atarax because the idea of keeping my 13 month old loaded down with prescription drugs wigs me out a little. and because atarax makes him hyper (and so does benadryl). hyper = doesn't sleep. and because the welts usually subside a little when max is sleeping. so i waited until after naptime and second snack to give max drugs. alas, the welts kept getting worse (there were more after his nap than there were before he went to sleep), so i have him some atarax (well, the generic version).

max was still pretty blotchy and red this morning, so i guess taking him off the atarax is a bad idea. i did call the pediatrician AGAIN on monday. since, you know, last week he said that if the hives persisted into this week we'd "have more work to do to figure out the cause." and he told me doodly squat. his advice: wait it out. WTF?

true, since we started atarax, max has been much happier with many fewer welts. BUT the hives are STILL THERE. and not taking atarax leads to many more. so the atarax is definitely helping, but what i really want is to find out what is causing the hives, which i need help with.

apparently <1% of hives cases are caused by food allergies. but i am pretty much down to thinking it might be a food allergy. specifically, a milk allergy. max has been drinking whole milk for just over a month. long enough to have developed a reaction but not so long as to rule it out as the cause of the hives. in some cases, processing milk breaks down the proteins enough that they don't cause an allergic reaction (i.e., some people with milk allergies can still eat cheese). and in most cases, children outgrow milk allergies. and guess what? kids with eczema? which max has? are more likely to develop a milk allergy! ahhh! well, really kids with eczema are more likely than other kids to develop any allergy. but anyway.

there are blood tests that can identify food allergies. not just skin tests (which would do absolutely NO GOOD right now, since max can't stop breaking out in hives). perhaps i can convince the pediatrician that we need to do this before i go eliminating dairy from max's diet. that would make him sad.

i'm thinking i need to call the doc back again anyway. we have to figure this out. i'm going nuts, and no one is sleeping well. but if we take max off the antihistamine that keeps him from sleeping, he breaks out all crazy-like and can't sleep anyway because he itches.

Friday, February 20, 2009

This Is Getting Ridiculous

so, the max still has hives. it's been 8 days. that doesn't really seem that long when i say it that way. 8 days. but OMG, it feels like it's been forever. especially when i think about the number of times i've taken him to the doctor in the last two weeks. 3 times. in two weeks. really, in a week and a half. first, the thursday before last (b/c of the bronchitis and the ear infection). then last thursday (b/c of the hives). then tuesday (b/c of the hives AGAIN). and we might be going back on monday. or tuesday, if the doctor's office is open on fat tuesday. it seems like they should be, but daycare is closed tuesday. mobile county schools are closed monday, tuesday, and wednesday next week. mardi gras is a Big Deal around here.

holy crap. i am SO SICK of hives. and i feel so bad for max. he's had two more doses of orapred, and he still looks the same. i mean, he is much improved comapred to those first few days, but the fact that he is still breaking out everywhere is a little scary. on the plus side, he is acting like he feels a little better, and (thank GOD) he's sleeping a little better (but he's still waking up around 1 or 2:00 and coming to bed with chad and me). i attribute the improvement in his mood to the atarax. it really did seem to help the itching. plus, it's used to treat anxiety. my mom said that's what they gave me when i was little and had night terrors.

on a totally different track, max decided to test his walking limits today. i guess technically he's been walking at least a little bit for about a month, but he went almost a week when he first got sick with bronchitis without taking a single independent step. and he will not walk at daycare. at home, he's been walking to something if it's only a couple steps away (from the fridge to the baby gate separating the kitchen and dining room, from the coffee table to the couch), and he's walked across a room to get to me or chad a few times, but he really hasn't been that adventurous in his walking endeavors.

that changed today. first, he let go of the coffee table and just stood there for the longest time. i kept thinking he was getting ready to walk to the couch, but he never did. he stood there until he fell back on his bottom. then he started walking short distances around the living room, gradually walking a little bit farther. then he was holding onto the double recliner, and his walker was in the kitchen by his highchair. he let go of the chair, looked at me, and then took off like a shot toward his walker. he made it to the island in the kitchen (about 3 steps away from his destination) before he fell down. then he just crawled the rest of the way and took off running with his walker.

and that is max's issue with walking - he runs with his walker now, and he doesn't have the balance to run on his own yet. the reason he fell down on his way to the walker is that he was going too fast. falling down doesn't bother him, though. he just keeps on truckin', as they say.

now he just needs to start walking at daycare. he's only done it once, and he was walking to me. and that was three weeks ago. he's 3rd oldest in the big baby room now. week after next, he will be the oldest baby, since the two babies who are older than max are moving up to the toddler room. at least they're not moving max up yet. he still gets a little wigged out when other babies walk around him.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Betcha Can't Guess What This Post Is About

surprise! it's hives! again! because max STILL has them! all over! ahhhh!

now that that's out of my system, allow me to tell you about our visit to the pediatrician yesterday. pretty much, he asked a bunch of questions about how max is feeling/behaving (itchy, whiny, sometimes fine), how the welts are behaving (they pop up all over max's body and disappear after a while. then new ones pop up), and if i've thought about anything that has "changed in the environment." of course i have. and i've come up with exactly two possibilities:
  • i bought dryer sheets w/ a new scent (the ones we use on chad's and my laundry)
  • i bought a new brand of hypoallergenic dryer sheets for max's laundry
so i went and bought some more bounce free dryer sheets, which is what i've pretty much always used on max's laundry until walmart started selling simplicity brand hypoallergenic dryer sheets, which cost $1 less per box than the bounce ones. apparently it costs manufacturers a lot of money to not add fragrances and dyes to their products, 'cause the hypoallergenic stuff costs a lot more than the regular, scented variety.

anyway, i'm in the process of re-washing all our clothes/sheets/bedding and using the bounce free dryer sheets on everything. just in case that's the problem. oh, and i wiped out the dryer first, in case any residual scent molecules were left in there. which seems just a little bit OCD, but OMG, we're going crazy over here with the itchy, whiny baby who can't get rid of his hives. i also cleaned all the ceiling fans. because they were covered in dust, and it makes my eyes itchy. so maybe it affects max, too? i don't know, but i'm sure it can't hurt.

since the hives have stuck around for so long, amoxicillin probably wasn't the trigger. it's been 6 days since max has had any. the doctor did some blood tests for viruses that can cause hives, but they were negative. so we still don't know the cause. i REALLY hope it isn't a food allergy. especially to milk or wheat, because the max loves his dairy (yogurt is super yummy, and so are grilled cheese sandwiches, hello) and his pasta/bread. i don't think that's it, though, because max has been eating dairy products and bread/pasta products for months with no adverse effects.

anyway, after the tests and questions, the doc wrote us a prescription for atarax (an antihistamine) and one for orapred (the steroid). but we aren't supposed to get the orapred unless max still has hives tomorrow. if max still has hives after another three days of steroids, he'll have to go back to the doctor next week for more tests to figure out what the hell he's allergic to, so we can eliminate it (and the hives) from his life.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hives, STILL

ok, so max's hives look marginally better today, and his face isn't nearly as swollen as it was over the weekend. but HE STILL HAS HIVES, OMG. it's been FIVE DAYS. everything i can find says that hives should resolve themselves within 3-4 days, with most cases clearing up within 48 hours.

max seemed happier today, anyway. he actually played happily by himself for long stretches. in between the demanding that i hold him for long stretches and crying and scratching.

as you can see, max's hives look better than they did at first. they're much smaller, and there aren't as many. but they are still ALL OVER HIS BODY. even his SCALP. in the photo below, you can see the hives on his nose (sort of, for some reason bright red skin doesn't translate well to my photos).

and this improvement ONLY took 3 days of oral steroid and 5 days of benadryl. and guess what? despite being all hopped up on benadryl, max had a RUNNY NOSE today. wtf? oh, and you know how benadryl usually makes people sleepy? it has pretty much the opposite effect on max.

i called the doctor this morning, and he told me to give max benadryl every 4 hours today (his previous recommendation was benadryl every 6 hours) and go see him in the morning if there's no improvement. i'm thinking we'll being seeing him tomorrow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

OMG, The Hives

i am half convinced that max's hives will never, ever go away. the ones from thursday are FINALLY completely gone. yesterday they had faded, but they were still visible. today they were gone. but there are new hives now, and they are EVERYWHERE. and i do mean everywhere - chest/belly, back, arms, legs, hands, feet, bottom, neck, face. benadryl seems to help the itching some, but it does nothing to make the welts go away. max gets one more dose of the oral steroid, and then we'll have to rely on benadryl. and i swear, if he still has all these crazy spots monday, he's going back to the doctor. because i find it hard to believe that this is normal.

it should not take 48 hours for individual welts to disappear. and max's face, hands, and feet are incredibly swollen (i called the doc about that yesterday and was told this was normal). the poor baby is completely miserable, and who could blame him? his entire body itches ALL THE TIME. i have found over the course of today that the red fades when max is sleeping and then worsens when he's up and active (which is all the time when he's awake). today he has welts all over his face, and his eyes look really puffy.

the corticosteroid (orapred, generic version is prednisilone) is supposed to help "stubborn hives," which is what you'd call max's variety for sure. he's been on it for 2 1/2 days (we only got a 3 day supply), and he is still getting welts all over his body. there is a small bit of improvement, however. the welts that formed today aren't nearly as large as those he was getting thursday and friday, and they do fade some when max is asleep (but they return full force once he's up and moving). but now they are all over his hands, feet, and face, areas that were largely unaffected on thursday.

we are not sleeping well, because max wakes up itchy and miserable. last night, he woke up just before 3 a.m. and did not go back to sleep until after 4:00. he woke up again at 6:05. on a saturday. geez. poor kid.

i decided to give the situation until monday morning to resolve itself, then we're going back to the doctor. he will complete his round of steroids tomorrow, and i shudder to think what will happen when he's off them. hopefully, the welts will continue to diminish in size and redness. and then disappear for good.

given the issues we've been having getting rid of the hives, i really don't want to turn around and give max 1/2 a dose of amoxicillin in a few days to see if he's allergic to it. because i DO NOT want to have to deal with this again. and more importantly, i don't want max to be this miserable again because of something i knowingly did to him. on the other hand, i really want to find out what he's allergic to so we can avoid it like the plague.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Powers That Be Are Conspiring Against Me

ok, here's the deal. i have accomplished NOTHING in the last two weeks. first, the fine folks at walmart decided that my time isn't worth anything and let me spend two hours there before telling me that they could not change my oil because the dipstick was broken. WTF? so that forced me to drive to daphne to get a new disptick and let the dealership change my oil. because it needed changing before the 5 hour (one way) trip to atlanta on sunday.

atlanta was actually pretty fun. chad, vanessa, and i had a good road trip over to see the flyers play, and vanessa and i had fun reminiscing about the days when philiadelphia's glen metropolit played in pensacola. we took pictures with him and sean gauthier way back then, and we still have them. i was 14. the flyers won the game 3-2 over the thrashers, and we made it back to mobile around 10:15 p.m., so driving to atlanta for a hockey game and then back in the same day really isn't bad when the game is at 3:00 ET.

oh, but before atlanta, the day after i spent all morning waiting at walmart, i had to take the max to the doctor. again. he had and ear infection and bronchitis, so we got antibiotics. in case you didn't know, sick babies aren't conducive to a good working environment. so i didn't get anything done.

so, after atlanta, with max on the mend and able to return to daycare, i thought i could get a good bit of writing done. but no. i was wrong. because my computer, which has been circling the drain for a few months, died for good on monday. ahhh! i was SO FRUSTRATED. see, my retarded computer had been randomly freezing and not starting correctly 1 out of 4 times since before christmas. i NEEDED a new computer. but i was going to wait until after graduation, and it was going to be my graduation present. and then my computer, which managed to recover from the Blue Screen of Death a few weeks ago, finally bit the big one on monday. it was plugged (to a surge protector) all day, but it did not recognize the fact that it was plugged in. so the battery went completely dead. the a/c adapter is not charging the battery, and it will not run on a/c power. because the part that you plug the power cord into on the computer is fried. well, not really fried, just completely fucked up. and it's not the first time. about two years ago i had to have that part replaced. but it was covered under the warranty, which after almost 5 years is no longer in effect. plus, laptops are cheap now, and i wanted a new computer anyway ('cause mine was retarded, you know), so i opted to let the old laptop go. i lost about 1/2 a page of dissertation work that i did while in the waiting room at the kia dealership, but it's really not a big deal. everything really important was saved in several locations.

so i spent tuesday computer shopping. since it was sooner than planned, and we've been spending a hell of a lot of $ lately (new tires for the truck, $450 eye doctor visit/contacts/glasses for me, max's birthday, trip to ATL - which actually was pretty cheap), i had to go for something pretty inexpensive. so i shopped around all morning (i hit up circuit city, walmart, best buy, and target), and ended up buying a toshiba laptop from best buy. the hard drive is smaller than a lot of new laptops, but still almost 3 times the size of my old one, and the RAM and processor are comparable to computers that cost $200-$300 more. they didn't have any in stock, so the best buy sales guy sold me the display model for $50 off the regular price. the total price with tax was $326. i had budgeted $500 (pre-tax), so i felt pretty good.

so tuesday afternoon was spent getting the new laptop set up. you know, getting my programs installed, antivirus updates, etc.

then wednesday i had planned on spending the day with max because the weather was supposed to be crappy, and he still didn't feel all that great. plus, i still had thursday and friday to send him to daycare. so max and i pretty much chilled on wednesday, and we had a pretty good day. he ate really well for me, which i was excited about. when he's sick, he barely eats anything.

so, yesterday i was all prepared to get to work. i had some ideas bobbing around my mind, and i was ready to write. but the max? he woke up with what looked like big mosquito bites all over his legs and lower abdomen. which freaked me out. when we visited the pediatrician last week, max had a big red spot on his leg near where he got the chickenpox and MMR vaccines, and it had still been there wednesday night. i was told to take max back to see the doc if it spread or started to look worse. well, yesterday morning the original spot was pretty much gone. but he had new spots. so i decided the new rash warranted a doctor visit. especially since 2 hours after max woke up, the rash had spread all over his body.

i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but max is a naturally rashy baby. he has eczema, which means that his skin is prone to dryness and frequently breaks out in rashes. his skin is very sensitive to fragrances, so everything we use on him is unscented. he gets a bath every other day instead of every day, and we slather moisturizing cream (lotion doesn't help) all over him twice a day to prevent excessive dryness and rashes. but eczema rashes are not scary. they usually cover pretty small area and consist of tiny red bumps. and they go away within a few hours to a day or so if you put aquaphor on them. we are accustomed to rashes around here. so it has to be bad if it wigs me out.

yesterday's rash? it was SCARY. see for yourself.

the diagnosis? hives. the recommended treatment? benadryl every 6 hours. but after two doses of benadryl, the hives were still spreading. and growing in size. so that freaked me out. and i called the pediatrician twice. so he called in a prescription for prednisilone, a steroid. this morning, the hives are still there and still huge. but some of the spots have disappeared, and the big patches aren't quite as angry-looking as they were yesterday.

we aren't sure what caused the hives. they are an allergic reaction to something. but we don't know what. possibly the amoxicillin, so we've stopped that. when the rash clears up, i'm supposed to give max half a dose of amoxicillin and monitor him for a couple of hours. if he breaks out in hives again, i have to call the doctor's office and tell them to make a note in his chart that he's allergic to penicillin. the other two possibilities that i've thought of are the chocolate frosting on the cupcake max had after lunch on wednesday or the dryer sheets that chad and i use on our clothes. i really don't know what it is, though. the doctor said that hives usually appear within an hour of exposure to the allergen, and max was asleep. he didn't have hives when he went to bed, and he did have them when he woke up. it had been 12 hours since he'd had any food or medicine. the only thing he came in contact with was his clothes, his sheet, our sheets, and our clothes. it's baffling. and the doctor said it's likely that we'll never know exactly what caused the hives. hopefully, this won't happen again, because poor max is really itchy, and this rapidly spreading rash is scary. especially when it makes large portions of his body red and makes his belly button swell so much that it closes to a little slit. *sigh*

now, it's time to get some work done. here's hoping that nothing interferes with my ability to write next week.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Worrying, It Never Stops

so, max has bronchitis. the doc made a point of telling me he doesn't think it's pneumonia. the thought of a barely 1 year old getting pneumonia scares the crap out of me. i had it when i was 14, and i missed 2 weeks of school and was thisclose to being hospitalized. i imagine it would be very bad for a baby.

max's right ear is also infected, and there is a dime-sized red bump on his leg near where he got his last round of shots. it could be a reaction to either the MMR vaccine or the chickenpox vaccine, both of which were given in his right leg. the bump appeared within the window of time when reactions usually appear for those vaccines. i was told to apply a warm rag to the area for a few minutes a few times a day and put neosporin on it. if it gets worse (bigger, more tender, develops pus), it'll have to be looked at again.

and if that weren't enough to make a parent crazy, max has lost 5 ounces since his checkup two weeks ago. as you are well aware, i spend enough time freaking out about max's weight as it is. and the thing is, he's been eating pretty well lately. i think i will choose to blame the weight loss on the timing of his snacks before the two appointments. he ate about 45 minutes before his checkup a couple of weeks ago, and it had been almost two hours since his snack when he was weighed today.

oh yeah, and just in case the ear infection, runny nose, and bronchitis weren't making max fussy enough all by themselves, he has a molar trying to come in.

woe is me.

Things I've Done Today...

  • made doctor's appointment for max for 2:30 this afternoon
  • took max to daycare
  • went to library
  • drove to daphne to get oil changed in car
  • worked on chapter 2 while waiting for car to be finished
  • did max's laundry
  • swept and mopped living room and kitchen
  • made and ate grilled cheese & tomato sandwich
things i still have to do today
  • play w/ krull the warrior king so he doesn't feel abandoned
  • pick max up from daycare
  • pack a diaper bag
  • take max to doctor
  • figure out what to have for dinner
  • make dinner
  • tend to the max
  • lots more work on chapter 2
and possibly make a pharmacy run, depending on how the doctor's appointment goes. busy day.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Max is a Weird Eater

foods max loves:
  • green beans (i am thanking my lucky stars - i have a kid who likes green veggies)
  • whole wheat bread
  • corn bread
  • almost any bread, actually
  • beans, especially field peas and butter beans
  • green peas
  • corn
  • short cut pasta (he loves mini farfalle, the little bow ties).
  • tomatoes
  • squash
  • cheerios (to be a baby means to love these, i think)
  • graham crackers (with peanut butter sometimes now that he's a year old)
  • bananas - i should have put these first. they're his most favorite food EVER.
  • canned peaches
  • canned pears
  • yogurt
  • applesauce of any variety. i've been buying the mott's healthy harvest with other fruit purees mixed in lately. or the plain old natural applesauce (regular, not all natural, applesauce is just full of corn syrup).
  • zwieback toast
  • any kind of cracker you throw at him
  • baby cereal (rice, oatmeal, etc. mixed up thick) with applesauce
  • sandwich meat of any kind (i try to find the one w/ the lowest sodium)
  • baby snacks - puffs, yogurt melts, li'l crunchies, wagon wheels
  • grilled cheese sandwiches
  • chicken (usually. he is currently boycotting meat in all forms, so i'm pushing beans right now.)
  • pot roast
  • birthday cake and cupcakes. duh. but he doesn't eat cake very often.
  • mac and cheese. duh.
  • pasta sauce with lots of veggies in it - onions, bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, throw in some frozen mixed veggies. tomato or alfredo sauce. he loves it.
  • couscous
foods max sometimes tolerates:
  • carrots (he eats them best when mixed w/ something)
  • french fries
  • cinnamon rolls (but only when i'm eating one. if you give him a piece of his own he doesn't want it anymore)
  • regular oatmeal
  • pancakes
  • kiwi (lately, he will not eat kiwi at all, but he used to eat it all the time)
  • pineapple
  • rice (you never know if he will eat it or spit it out). last time i made fried rice, max picked out the veggies and ate them but wouldn't touch the rice.
  • spaghetti (i think the long stringy pasta frustrates him)
  • broccoli, but only if it's pureed. one day i will convince him to eat little chunks of steamed broccoli.
  • small pieces of cheese
  • ice cream
  • chicken and dumplings
  • microwave meals with tomato sauce (think chef boyardee)
  • english muffins
  • cereal bars
foods max simply will not eat:
  • potatoes (most of the time)
  • teething biscuits/biter biscuits (surprising b/c they're kind of sweet. yes, i tasted one when max consistently took a bite and threw it on the floor.)
  • muffins
  • plain baby cereal
  • meat loaf
  • any kind of chex cereal. cheerios are far superior.
  • fresh blueberries. he likes blueberry applesauce.
  • beef stew
  • gerber li'l sticks meat sticks. i tried one. they're pretty gross.
  • microwave baby/toddler meals (sometimes he'll eat the little pasta stars in tomato/meat sauce. he won't touch the mac and cheese, chicken or turkey stew with rice or noodles). he will pick the veggies out of them, and eat them. nothing else.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Little Things

i swiped this from holly's facebook. not sure why i decided to post here instead of there. it just felt right.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Last Summer

(wow, umm... pretty much the opposite, but it's kind of funny)


Some Might Say


Take It Off
(hey, that's pretty funny)

Baby Baby

Ghost of a Good Thing

Who Will Save Your Soul

WHAT IS 2 + 2?

You Shook Me All Night Long

Back 2 Good

(sorry, i'm a leo. not gonna happen.)

Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
(hehe, that's appropriate, eh?)

I Hope, I Think, I Know

Big Dumb Rocket

American Girls

The Dope

Better Man
(by Oasis, not Pearl Jam, though I have both)

Getting Away with Murder

Sing My Best

Little Things
(one of my fave bush songs)

let me just say, i am quite surprised that no green day popped up here. my computer is full of green day. but 3 oasis and 2 ac/dc. hmm...