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Monday, August 15, 2005

Another Flyer in Pittsburgh

so the pens have picked up john leclair... first mark recchi, now leclair. recchi signed with the penguins way back in the summer of '04, before the lockout and all the ensuing drama. i knew that leclair's contract had been bought out in philly, but no one knew where he would end up. well, now we know. that should be a good rivalry this year, the flyers and the penguins. pittsburgh has put together a pretty good roster, and now i won't be able to assume they'll suck again. i think they're going to be really good this year. it should be interesting.

in other news that will only mean something to one of my faithful blog readers, i saw someone today that i haven't seen in quite some time - michael hrbacek. just in case this reader was wondering (she knows who she is), he is apparently still at USA, bought a '92 BMW for everyday driving, races the audi at some old airport in pensacola (legally, he assured me), and is still working for whatever USA department takes care of traffic-related stuff (not sure if he's still writing tickets or not - i know you're never excited about seeing him, but i kind of hope so since he never tickets me for parking in the faculty lot but sometimes leaves me a note to let me know he saw my car). i saw him when i went to pick up my new (and free this year) parking permit (he was working - helping the newbies fill out paperwork, etc), and we chatted for a bit. however, you were not mentioned in the conversation (hope you appreciate that - i thought about bringing you up and thought better of it). the last time i saw michael, it was at a pilots game. that was the only game i'd ever seen him at, and i didn't talk to him. i saw him buying a ticket outside, but i didn't see him inside anywhere and i don't think he saw me. there was no mention of a potential new girlfriend/stalkee in today's encounter.

in case anyone was wondering, deva, vanessa, chad, and i had a great time at big kahuna's on saturday (thanks again, guys). i took one of those waterproof disposable cameras with me, and hopefully i got some good shots. i dropped off the camera today, and i'll have pictures to post later this week.

for now, i'm catching up on last week's episodes of passions. thank the powers that be for tivo. ok, i'm off to see what's up with that note fancy found in noah's pocket while she was snooping. this whole disaster thing has been pretty interesting.


Casey said...

ellison field is where he races..and it's not legal. haha.

a lot of people go every weekend and race street racing is legal..but everyone does it anyway. bayfront and ellison field off of scenic.

latina marie said...

he said they do timed races on an old runway, so they're not actually racing each other at the same time... dunno if that makes a difference. oh well.