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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

At Long Last...

the ice pilots have signed their first player this season. corey neilson has re-signed with the pilots. i'm happy about that. i like corey. he's a funny guy. oh, and a good defenseman too. he has good hockey skills. and he was a good sport when deva, vanessa, and i were collecting photos of flexing hockey players. check out our joint blog who will be the next ice pilot to flex? for the results of that venture. we will continue that quest this season.

so, we've got one guy. he plays D, but he can also score. however, he can't do it alone. and as much as i dig the little guy, i also don't think *jacquo* (chris st. jacques -the object of my pseudo-stalking and for whose jersey i forked over a fair amount of $$$, for those who might not know who i'm talking about) can score enough goals and push enough guys around to help corey out a whole lot. and he really doesn't have very good defensive skills, i'm sad to say. i'm pretty confident in my assumption that jacquo will be back in pensacola this season. probably a todd ford, too. beyond them, i don't know who we're going to get from the toronto marlies of the ahl. so, we've got corey. it's a start. now, how about a dwayne hay? a tyler beechey? a ryan o'keefe? a nick lindberg? an aaron gionet? anybody with hockey skills?


Vanessa Mae said...

Unfortunately, Keefer has signed with a team overseas. I was thinking that Gio might be back, along with Nick.

It's good to have a player signed. Let's hope it opens the floodgates for more signings to be announced soon.

I guess we should give Corey's wife a copy of our group flexing? :-D

latina marie said...

nuts. but i'll be happy to get gio and nick back. nick will flex for us yet... ;)

and yeah, corey's lady should definitely get a copy of that shot. she seemed amused by it (after that initial "if it's not jordan krestanovich, i don't want to see it" bit, which amused me).