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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


dave farrish is going to be the assistant coach in ANAHEIM??? wtf? i just checked my email and discovered this astonishing hockey factoid. my jaw is pretty much still hanging down on the floor. i can only hope and pray that this does not bring todd gordon back to town. so, now, not only do the ice pilots only have two players signed, but now they need a new coach. *exasperated sigh* i hope that whoever comes to town is a good, capable, non-idiotic, smart hockey coach (who doesn't totally screw us in the post-season). hmm... a thought. ryan vince is retired and in town, right? he can play hockey. anyone think he can coach? sorry. that was a stupid thing to suggest. how 'bout tim kerr? [sorry - another stupid suggestion]. i'm a tad freaked right now. so, i don't really know anything about available coaches on the market. i just hope we find a good one. in less than two months. man - dave couldn't have decided to leave us for bigger and better things a little earlier in the summer, could he?

so, my question now becomes: did anyone else know anything about this beforehand? am i just out of the loop again? i frequently find myself in a position in which i am painfully unaware of things that are no surprise to others. well, i for one am shocked at this turn of events.


Vanessa Mae said...

You mean to say you haven't been visiting the Five Hole? It's been on there for a couple of days. Perhaps I should have mentioned it to you when I called you last night...

Anyway, even if we did know a little tiny bit beforehand, what could we have done? Absolutely nothing. Who would turn down the chance to be an assistant coach in the NHL? Yes, we are royally screwed at the moment. But I just got back from the Booster Club meeting. Ice Pilot front office personnel were there and they assured us that they already have some people in mind. Toronto will be pitching in a well (as they should, since they are placing players on this team). Don't stay freaked for long. It'll all come together.

But on to more positive news, how about dem Flyers??? Everyone but Esche signed... and there is still some money left over to sign him. Very happy about most everyone accepting their qualifying offers. Even happier about Radivojevic returning. Hey, did you know that his nickname is Radio? LOL.

latina marie said...

no, i haven't really had time to sift through all those random topics lately to find the important stuff. even during hockey season, i only visit about once a week. there seem to be too many petty arguments between five hole posters for my taste. the way some of them spend an entire page worth of posts doing not much more than childish name-calling really annoys me.

of course no one could do anything about the farrish thing. but if i'd known he was offered an NHL job i would have been prepared. no one in his right mind would turn down that opportunity to remain in an ECHL coaching gig.

anyway, it's good about the flyers. hopefully, esche will sign too. and radio, eh? funny stuff. glad he's coming back. he has the best name... and we didn't have to give up johnsson.