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Sunday, August 28, 2005


shit. this freakin' thing (hurricane katrina) is now bearing down on new orleans as a CATEGORY 5 hurricane (that's bad, folks, in case you didn't gather that). its winds are now at 160 mph. shit shit shit. mobile is not in the clear from this thing at all, and now i'm scared. even if it hits new orleans, this is a huge storm (area wise as well as strength wise), and mobile will feel some pretty strong effects. i can't believe they haven't even evacuated the south part of mobile county (i.e., dauphin island). the good news, if this can be considered good news, is that it sped up a little, meaning that it will get out of here a little faster moving at 12 mph than it would at its previous 7 mph. however, the pressure just keeps dropping... it's not losing any strength at all. in fact, it just keeps getting more powerful. if this thing wobbles to the east a bit and makes landfall in biloxi or pascagoula, mobile is toast, and i don't really want to be here right now. but i have a feeling that it's a little too late to leave. our local leaders just might regret not evacuating anyone this time, just like they regretted evacuating the whole county for hurricane dennis last month. shit.

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Jamie said...

Good gracious, well, I honestly think, if you want to leave, try it, might be better than staying, depending on where you go and how. If you don't leave, just hunker down and take care, ok? I hope you and Chad and everyone else is safe. Please be careful and safe and I want to hear from you after the storm hits as soon as possible, so I know you are alright. May that this storm weakens before landfall or that it doesn't hurt those I know. May Mobile be safe.

Take care and I expect and update ASAP. :) ::hugs, kisses, and prayers::