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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Computer Challenged

yuck. i'm having a bad week already (even though i am so loving my freshwater ecology class). i just wanted to let everyone know that i will be computer challenged for the next week or so. something crazy happened to my computer, and all of my COM ports crapped out on me. so, no modem, no network connection, no wireless connection. no internet for me. hp is sending someone to pick up my comp today to fix it, and i have been assured that it will be returned to me good as new next week. but for now, i am reduced to library or lab computers. this blows big chunks because yesterday i volunteered to give the first presentation in ecotoxicology. the presentation is on september 6, giving me about two weeks to prepare. and for one of those weeks, i have no computer. i figure i'll have about four days to get this thing together. for now, i'm doing a little research in the library before my ecotox lab and trying to come up with a topic. something "current-eventsy" and controversial that involves spewing toxic substances into the environment. i want to do it on the whole LNG (liquified natural gas) terminal thing that is so debated right now in our area. i'm just not sure that the concerns about it are really toxicological. ok, off to do some reading and researching. wish me luck in my state of computer challenged-ness over the next week. posting will be sporadic at best.


Vanessa Mae said...

Good luck with the comp and the presentation. I've encountered that same problem before, losing all the COM ports. It's not fun.

Deva said...

Good luck with the computer problems and the presentation.