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Thursday, August 18, 2005


dammit. we really are being abandoned! everyone is leaving us. at least the team is still in pensacola, but tim kerr is no longer the owner. so, a new owner, no coach, no equipment manager, and only two players signed. so much for having a coach by the end of last week... should i dare to hope for one by tomorrow? i am quite concerned about our team, guys. *fingers crossed*


Deva said...

GRR, is right!! WOW ... so many changes. Let's hope they find a good coach.

Vanessa Mae said...

Not a great month of August for the Pilots. I keep shaking my head and asking "what next?"

But I do have some great news (and it's not about car insurance...).

The NHL/Comcast deal is done. And guess who they're showing for the first game... Rangers @ Flyers. With Comcast owning the Flyers, I have a feeling I'm going to like this OLN channel a helluva lot more than I ever liked ESPN. *huge grin*

latina marie said...

i read about the comcast thing yesterday right after it was announced, and when i found out that the first game was going to the NYR @ philly, i was very excited. there is still no word on NHL center ice which makes me upset, but at least i'll see the flyers a ton on OLN. when we had NHL center ice before, i saw plenty of comcast-broadcast games from philly. it was entertaining. of course, chad's pissed because he figures they'll never show lightning games. but he had that issue with ESPN, too.