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Monday, August 22, 2005

Back to School and Big Kahuna's

so, today it's back to class for me. well, i just have one class today - my seminar class at the sea lab from 1 to 2 this afternoon. not too shabby for a monday schedule, eh? there is all kinds of work i'm supposed to be doing now, though. like getting some stats done to get to dr. v. before he leaves for finland on wednesday. and what am i doing? a big fat lot of nothing. well, i worked out and did some laundry. so that's not exactly nothing, right?

anyway, i got my pictures back from my birthday celebration at big kahuna's, so i thought i'd post a few for your viewing pleasure. most of them turned out really well. there were a couple of fuzzy blobs of nothing, but 25 out of the 27 exposures turned out fine. here are some of my favorites.

vanessa, deva, and yours truly hanging out in some pink inner tubes in the lazy river (the one that didn't suck).

and here's chad coming down one of the slides.

now, deva wouldn't do something like try to push me off the lily-pad thing on purpose would she? no, really... i think she was trying to steady it for me so i could try and stand up on it (that didn't work out so well).

oh, look. there's vanessa coming down a slide.

here's one of me and chad on one of those fun double tubes. can you tell it was bright and sunny out?

big kahuna says, "have fun." i think we accomplished that goal.

obviously, we had a great time at the water park. i'll try and get the rest of the pictures up in a photo album soon.

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Vanessa Mae said...

Damn, we look hot! :-D