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Friday, August 12, 2005

I Rubbed It In...

and it turned me on. i'm talking about this awesome new lotion from bath & body works, tahiti, sweetie. deva and i went shopping at the eastern shore center yesterday afternoon, and on this latest shopping adventure, we had a conversation about how deva's mom told her she should wear grapefruit scents because they're supposed to attract men. apparently, grapefruit turns them on. or maybe it's just a citrus thing. anyway, this grapefruit conversation was had while perusing the selection in bath & body works, sniffing everything in sight. so, while we were talking, i picked up this true blue spa island getaway lotion called tahiti, sweetie and gave it a sniff. it totally rocks. when deva took a whiff of the sweet, semi-citrusy, very islandy cream sent from heaven, she said something like, "well, this turns me on." and we had ourselves a little giggle. then i pointed out that it even smells a little grapefruity. so we helped ourselves and our hands to a little islandy moisturization and spent the rest of the afternoon browsing random shops and sniffing our hands. sometime after i pointed out that people probably thought we were on crack, the way we kept rubbing our noses and smelling our fingers, when there was a little lull in our constant babbling and giggling, i informed deva that the new lotion turned me on too. and of course, we had managed to talk each other into forking over the cash to buy a bottle each ("i'll buy it if you buy it"). so now we can enjoy a little island getaway (and get a little turned on) anytime we want.

after spending a little money, we went back to my place, made tacos, and watched a walk to remember. deva also talked me into trying a little cheap wine that tastes like a wine cooler (boone's farm blue hawaiian). finally, a wine i can drink! no bad aftertaste (which is why i don't like wine), and it's super-cheap. we also discussed plans for big kahuna's water park in destin tomorrow after chad got back from playing rugby... let the two-week celebration of latina continue! the park opens at 10 am, so we discussed meeting at vanessa's house at 9 and getting to the park when it opens (in deva's new car). sound ok, nessa (i'll probably call you later anyway)? oh, and food. you're not allowed to bring food into the park (and their food is expensive), but you get a hand stamp when you go in so you can leave and come back. last time i was there, we left a cooler with sandwich fixings and drinks in the car out in the parking lot and went out there when we got hungry. i'll be sure to bring a change of clothes so we can go to mcguire's afterwards. it should be a blast.


Vanessa Mae said...

So does that mean you won't be picking up the coffee table?

The plan sounds good to me. I can pack bottles of water. I can bring chips too. We can talk tonight and finalize plans.

latina marie said...

no, we're still going to get the coffee table. i was thinking we'd leave chad's truck at your house and all go in deva's car. she's staying at her parents' house tonight.