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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Beer, It Does a Body Good

i might have found it, guys: the answer to the ultimate question of why the ice pilots are so unbelievably horrible this season. and it's not 42, it's beer.

chad and i went to outback last night after the pilots got spanked by south carolina, and boy were we ever surprised to see bryson busniuk and shaun landolt saunter in about half an hour after we arrived. what were they doing out? they have a game tonight, and it's about 6 hours away from pensacola. well, as luck (not necessarily the good kind) would have it, they were seated at the table right next to ours. while this meant that we could hear every word of their conversation, it also meant that i had to cease and desist with the trash talk. the pilots and their unbelievable horrible-ness had been our main topic of conversation before that. it's a good thing i was facing the door and saw them come in, or we would have had another awkward situation in which the smack talkees overheard my talking smack about them. i am the queen of being overheard by the subject of my smack talk at the most inopportune of moments, after all.

anyway, chad and i were highly amused to see that the sloth (busniuk) and landolt got pretty cozy, sitting on the same side of the table. they were at a table against the wall, so one side was a bench, and the other side had two chairs. they sat on the bench. together. isn't that sweet? anyway, rooneem showed up with his girlfriend (i assume she was his girlfriend, anyway) a few minutes later, but it was still amusing that the other two sat on the bench together and not in the chairs. busniuk was even turned toward landolt (so that his back was toward me and chad) with one leg tucked underneath him so that his knee was almost touching his buddy. i was like, "they don't even play on the same line." then chad replied, "maybe they should. then they'd look out for each other." anyway, that whole situation was pretty amusing.

the disturbing thing about the scenario was the fact that all three of them ordered beer. i guess rooneem is still injured (though he's walking fine) and not playing, so maybe it would be ok for him to have a beer, but the other two? when they have a game the next day? i think not. i guess they wanted to drown that game out, too. but the waiter did his job, and they all got carded. well, i'm not sure about rooneem. when he got there (after the other two had already ordered drinks) the waiter immediately asked if he wanted beer, pointing out that they were half price. so i'm guessing there was lots of drinking. i wonder what the coach thinks about that.

ok, i don't actually know how much they drank. maybe they all only had one beer. that wouldn't be so bad, i guess. but who wouldn't want to go get sloshed after the way they played? but with that attitude, the whole team would be alcoholics. and that would make them even worse. then they'd have to drink more. maybe that's why they've gotten progressively worse as the season wears on. you know, why they don't even seem to try anymore. yep, maybe that's it.

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Vanessa Mae said...

Damn, drowning sorrows with alcohol.

I've heard stories like this before. Like the reason behind Dwayne losing the C last year was (supposedly) because he took the rookies out drinking in Estero, the night before they had a game there.

I guess they probably left for Gwinnett this morning. Good luck to them, they're going to need it.