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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Someone Wants to Read Me...

so, i came here for a meeting with dr. v. to talk about revisions to my prospectus (i'll bitch about that in a second), and i got a pleasant surprise. in my mailbox here at the sea lab was a postcard from a rather prominent seagrass biologist whom i shall not name despite the fact that no one who reads this blog will know who he is or appreciate the significance of his work. the postcard is a request for a reprint of my paper. yay me! a prominent seagrass biologist wants to read my work. wow. i've read a butt ton of his stuff, some of which is cited in my paper, and now he wants to read mine. i guess i shouldn't be surprised since our papers deal with the same area (seagrass-pathogen interactions), but it still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

now i can bitch a little about dr. v. god love the man, but if he didn't like the order i was using to present my introductory material, why couldn't tell me that when we met months ago to talk about the outline that i was following in my prospectus? i don't think he really had a problem with anything that i actually said (although there was one part where i need to define a couple of things a bit more clearly), he just doesn't like the order i said it in. everything he told me today made sense, but i couldn't help but be a tad frustrated that he did not even read the entire document before he made comments. he just read half the intro, passed along the comments, and decided that we should meet to discuss revisions. no wonder it took that one guy 20 drafts to get it right! how can i even hope to get it done in 3 or less if he doesn't comment on the whole damn thing?! this making comments on one part at a time is going to make me nuts... more nuts than i am already.

ok, dudes. i gotta get to class now. adios.


Jamie said...

Boy, that does suck. I can imagine how fustrating that would be. Besides, it is very efficent and one part interacts with the others, so if you change one, then move on to the other, you may find the change you just made should have been left alone, or changed differently. I hope the revisions go faster than all that. :D

I am very happy for you. I think it's great that you are being read. You have good reason to be proud. :)

latina marie said...

charlie told me it took him about 10 drafts before dr. v. was happy with his prospectus. it was mostly small changes, and he did say that some things wound up getting changed back to the way he had them in the first place.

i am not looking forward to making that many revisions.