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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Let's Make a Deal: One Player Version

i swear to all of the internet that i will start writing my prospectus today. really, i should have started a couple of weeks ago. but you know me. and the weather has been way too nice the past few days to be cooped up inside with a bunch of papers and my computer. it's a good thing that today is supposed to be stormy and gross. no temptation to go for a long walk instead of writing. i did that yesterday. it was a beautiful day; how could i resist? but now i must start writing. once i get started, i don't think i'll have a problem, but it's motivating myself to sit down and start that i'm having problems with. when i get my train of thought going, i don't like to stop until i'm finished. that basically means i'll spend a few days writing non-stop, but that's ok, right?

before i go and put post-its with notes for myself on the articles i have just recently read (the older ones have already been thoroughly post-it-ed up), i just have to comment on the flyers game last night against carolina. yet again i found myself repeating "they are so gonna lose" throughout the 3rd period. that's practically become a mantra for me, with both the flyers and the ice pilots (though, surprise surprise, the pilots have won two in a row - on the road of course). philadelphia surprised me, though. niittymaki was fantastic, and the carolina announcer guy seems to share my high opinion of him. i was really surprised that he got the start last night since esche won his last game (though he did allow two goals late in the 3rd). but i guess nitty had played every other game against carolina, so why change things now? anyway, it looked like carolina would win the game 2-1 in regulation, but freddy meyer deflected in a shot from mike rathje with 0.6 seconds left. i was crazy excited. i remember a couple of years ago when the flyers were playing anaheim, and i had that same "they're gonna lose" feeling when they also managed to tie the game with 0.6 seconds left. they lost that one, though. last night against carolina they miraculously forced a shootout, and even more miraculously, they won it. that's two shootout wins in a row! and the 2nd time that more than one flyer scored in the shootout! and the 1st time gagne scored in the shootout! i was really nervous when he came up as the 4th shooter, the won who could win the game. i have great respect for simon gagne, but he's not so good on the breakaway. but, 5th time's the charm, right? like fulton from The Mighty Ducks - he hits the net on 1 in 5. anyway, the whole game was really fantastic, and i hope philadelphia's winning ways continue.

hmm. i guess i have to write now. and not on my blog. perhaps i'll make a deal with myself. my apartment is a mess, and this is the time when i would ususally be inclined to clean it up (you know, when i've got tons of other stuff to do) just to distract myself. so, i guess i'll write for a couple of hours, then i'll let myself watch passions and then clean up. but only if i get at least a couple of pages written. that'll work. bargaining with oneself - a powerful tool, to be sure.


Vanessa Mae said...

Hey! Per transactions page, Toronto's reassigned Later ... and Jacquo! Things just keep getting more interesting, huh?

latina marie said...

*excited squeal*
hooray for jacquo! and later. things may be looking up, indeed.

i usually check that every day, but i haven't today. i did notice that jacquo and later didn't play in the marlies last game.