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Friday, March 24, 2006

[insert something clever here]

blah blah blah. sadly, i don't really have much to say, but i feel guilty about not posting this week. so here i am. it's been a busy but boring week. i had an exam in my fisheries oceanography class yesterday. it was hellalong but otherwise not that bad. does anyone care to know what happens to cod in the gulf of maine or herring and pilchard in the english channel when the north atlantic oscillation switches to a cool phase (or when the icelandic low pressure system weakens)? me neither, dudes, but i do. i do. fisheries oceanography is actually kind of an interesting class, but we focus way too much on specific fish populations and not nearly enough on broad principles. this class has absolutely nothing to do with my future plans, since i have no interest in becoming a fisheries biologist, but i am in desperate need of credit hours, and my options are limited.

i still haven't heard anything from dr. v. about the fate of my prospectus, and i'm a little concerned. he emailed monday and said he would "try to turn this around pdq." i'm hoping that his silence since then means that he hasn't gotten around to reading it yet and not that it's terribly, horribly, awfully, appallingly, dreadfully, frightfully atrocious and they're kicking me out of the program. that would, like, suck. charlie tells me that dr. v.'s daughter has been in town this week, so i'll assume he hasn't read my prospectus yet. he really needs to get it back to me soon so i can revise it and we can get it to the committee for approval so that kelly and i can go to port st. joe next month.

oh yeah. i discovered that my friend katy is back in my lab. she took a break from the grad school thing since she was going insane with stress, and i haven't been the best at keeping in touch with her. i always mean to call her, but then i forget. i'm a terrible friend. but anyway, she's working as a lab tech/research assistant, and it's really good to see her again. perhaps she can help me out some this summer. we always have fun together, and i really need as much help in the field as i can get. we shall see what dr. v. thinks about that.

mmmkay. i've got nothing else. ta ta.

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