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Friday, March 17, 2006


i finished the first draft of my prospectus yesterday as planned. yay me! i'm so proud of me. i kept it short... 23 1/2 pages. 62 references. but it's finished, and i just sent it to dr. v. i'm sure that i'll have to do some revisions, and i hope they aren't too major. if i do say so myself, i think it's pretty good. i printed a copy out last night so i could have a look at it this morning and make a couple of last-minute corrections (i tend to miss random typos when i'm looking at a computer screen) and double-check the references. i stroked it lovingly and thought about how this freshly written product of my brain represents the plan for the next couple of years of my life. but since it includes a trip or two to the florida keys and lots of beach and snorkeling time (along with a fair bit of lab time), i think i'm gonna like it. this is, like, my baby. i seriously hope dr. v. doesn't make me change too much of it. this one guy who graduated from his lab went through 20 drafts. but i think i'm a pretty good writer, which that guy wasn't. i think i'll have a final product in three drafts or less.

anyway, now i have time to do some random things that i've been meaning to do all week. like make a trip to the recycling center and drop off some old clothes at the goodwill. then i can just hang out for the rest of the day... until the pilots game tonight. i'll finally get to see jacquo in action again. :) maybe they won't lose (though i'm not counting on that). then tomorrow is the big event... we get to go see the flyers play in atlanta! i'm so excited about it i could die. plus, atlanta has a great college discount. we can get a $52 ticket for only $37, 2 tickets per i.d. they look like pretty good seats, too. so that's the plan. i'd better charge up the batteries for my camera today so i'm all prepared for tomorrow. i'm so excited.

oh , yeah. happy st. patrick's day! and now i'm going to gather my recyclables.

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Vanessa Mae said...

I giggled outloud, because I can so picture you stroking your paper lovingly.