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Monday, March 27, 2006

My Dream Class

whoa. i just learned of a new course offering at the sea lab. it sounds positively dreamy, and i am dying to participate. the course title is "anthropogenic impacts on coastal ecosystems," and it is a 4 week, 3 credit hour course. two weeks of the course will be spent in santa pola, spain studying under professors from the university of alicante and doing a field project in the spanish mediterranean. the last two weeks will be held back at dauphin island sea lab (DISL), attending lectures from a local prof who hails from spain and analyzing our data. there is an exam at the end of the course, as well as a presentation of our projects. but wait. it gets better. the airfare is being covered by DISL, and lodging is being covered by the marine sciences dept at the university of alicante. so all of that means that the 5 students who get to participate in this dream trip will only have to pay for food and personal expenses (souvenirs and such).

*sigh* i want to go so bad i can taste it. the DISL prof who is offering the course in the fall is holding a meeting on friday for interested students. you can bet your sweet asses that i will be there. once again, i want to go to spain so badly that i can practically smell the sweet salty air if the mediterranean. i'm sure it's nothing like the sweet salty air of the gulf of mexico. the trip is in september, and i hope that dr. v. thinks that going to spain is a good idea. he's said that the next time they hold the field marine science class in finland or maine i should go... i really hope i can do this anthropogenic impacts on coastal ecosystems class. we shall see. i'll find out more on friday.


Vanessa Mae said...

Dude, I'm totally excited for you. Spain is the BEST! You HAVE to go! I really hope that you get to go. Ahhh, memories of Espana. It's so beautiful, I could cry. Best of luck!!!

Katie said...

Wow! I wish I could take a class like this in my field. Best of luck and hope you get to go!