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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random Bits

checking my email just now put a smile on my face. jacquo is back with the ice pilots (i know, he has been for the past few games) and kicking ass (two goals in the overtime loss to greenville, a couple of assists his first game back, a shootout goal in the win in augusta), and houston traded to the rights to chris heid, meaning that once again pensacola's captain is leaving the team. as soon as he's off the injured reserve list, he's going to cleveland. now the flyers just need to manage not to lose to florida tonight to make my day, hockey wise. i'm going to assume that they'll lose to tampa bay friday night and pray that they win in atlanta saturday when i'm there live and in person.

i'm really excited about going to atlanta this weekend. i know we're missing a pilots game, but it's an NHL game, dudes. we'll be in pensacola friday night, and hopefully jacquo will continue his kicking ass trend at home. i don't really like atlanta as a city, but i'm still looking forward to seeing philips arena. the flyers really need to win that game, and i'm hoping that niittymaki starts in goal.

so, i'm technically on spring break right now, but it isn't much of a break. i've been working on my prospectus... sort of. i'm still working on the introduction, and i've got almost 10 pages so far. i've only written a couple of pages a day, and if i'm going to finish this thing by friday i need to crank out about 5 pages or so a day. that doesn't seem that hard, but this "no real deadline" thing doesn't work for me. i set friday as the deadline for myself, but i'm really good at talking myself into extensions - the master procrastinator in her prime.

mmmkay. back to work until i distract myself with something else.

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