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Monday, June 20, 2005

Attack of the Killer Mockingbird

so i was quite excited today when i learned that i had 6 packages waiting for me at the sea lab. the news came after a long day on the boat followed by freezing fish (including one huge red snapper) and cleaning up, but that didn't put a damper on my excitement. it was the stuff i'd ordered last week, so it was expected... but it's still nice to get packages, no matter what they are. anyway, so i was making my way into the administration building to retrieve my packages when i was attacked by a psycho mockingbird. the freakin' thing tried to dive-bomb me as i made my way into the building... and then it came back for more. it screeched as it plummeted toward me. who knew a mockingbird could screech? i'm talking bird of prey going after it's dinner screech here. crazy bird. it was really pissed that i was walking so close to its tree. next time i had to go to admin, i entered through the library door on the side of the building, and i saw the mockingbird at its lookout post on top of the building. it screeched when it saw me but stayed put.

on a happier topic, the weather today was perfect for a full day on the verrill. there was enough wind to make the temperature out on the gulf bearable (which also made the water a bit choppy, but who cares about a little chop?), and it was gorgeous and sunny. only one case of seasickness this time - the students remembered their dramamine. the girl who got sick just wasn't made for boats - she took dramamine this time and even repeated the dose per the bottle's instructions. the trip wasn't that exciting as far as the critters we pulled up in the trawls, but some of the students brought fishing gear, and they caught quite a few red snapper, including one really freakin' humongous one (~10 lbs.). oh, and we got two pretty big triggerfish, one of which we managed to keep alive... even if we are going to cut it open on thursday to look for parasites.

ok, i've got a butt ton of lab assignments to grade before thursday, so i'm going to get to work.

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GrrlScientist said...

Maybe this mockingbird was channelling a distant relative (Tyrannosaurus rex)?