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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Happy Little Blurb

that's all this post will be. i bought two huge bags of cable ties with my purchase order this morning with no unforseen complications. i also called motels in port st. joe and got the ball rolling on getting us a couple of hotel rooms for monday and tuesday nights...that resulted in another "you go girl" from dr. v. it makes me laugh when he says that. we have secured a sea lab suburban and gas cards, a hotel reservation is on the way, and i have plans to acquire a few other items needed for this trip. *happy squeal* i'm so excited about this little field excursion, it's not even funny. i once again get to kill some seagrass...but first i have to label a hundred or so little vials for samples. tedious work, that is. oh well. i'll bring the vials home with me this weekend and label away. things are really coming together now. i am going to spend a couple of days in the field next week (doing my work), and it feels like christmas. yeah, i'm going out to sand island on monday, but i'm not nearly as excited about that as i am about going to port st. joe and collecting some plants and putting out some urchin cages. it's good to be doing research again.

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