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Monday, June 13, 2005

Going to Lose My Head

yep. you heard it here first, folks. i'm going to lose my head. it's kind of nice being so busy, but i really think that sometime soon i'm going to forget about something very important because there are too many vital pieces of information vying for the limited space in my brain. i don't think i'm very good at that whole "planning ahead" thing... and at DISL, some things must be planned well in advance. i almost forgot that we're going out on the boat next monday (thank o'brien for reminding me) and i hadn't turned in the paperwork. and i had put off a few things i should have done last week (surprise, surprise), so i had to do them today. and i almost forgot again. yeah, i write myself notes pretty frequently, but i have to remember to look at them for the notes to do any good. i'm pretty sure that i accomplished everything that had to be done today. my students will have meal money when we go to port st. joe and panama city later this week, and i have let gretchen and charlie know when we're leaving. everything should be all set for that. it should be a fun trip - lots of snorkeling, and not much work.

this morning, we went out to airport marsh and collected some plants and whatever critters we could catch. i don't think the class liked the nasty mud very much. they thought o'brien was kidding about sinking and having to be helped out of a muddy hole... little did they know. i think the rotten egg-like hydrogen sulfide smell is what really got them, though. big news, people - mud stinks. they should like the grassbeds at st. joe and the jetties at st. andrew's much better.

another piece of news i'm sure you are all just dying to know - the sunburn i got last week at st. joe is peeling. so not fun. the worst is my scalp where my hair was parted a bit. it hurt to brush my hair for a few days, and it was bright pink. now it's itchy and peel-y and looks like i have the world's worst dandruff. my back is itchy and peel-y, too. i got some stronger sunscreen for my upcoming trips to port st. joe, though so no more sunburns for me.

all right. i've babbled enough. go and read something more useful than my blog (but you can send someone else my way).

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