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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thank God for REU's

i've decided that i'm going to lose a ton of weight this summer (not that i think i'm fat or anything, it's just a simple fact). the combination of running around all over DISL doing a zillion things at once, barely having time to eat, and having no appetite due to the heat (not that i'm complaining about the heat - i love warm weather) is definitely going to make for a few lost pounds. i now have a butt ton of things to do and not enough time to do them. my trip to port st. joe next week definitely could not happen without my rockin' REU student, gretchen. she and i set about making some urchin cages this morning (but we can only assemble a couple before we leave - no room to carry 24 fully assembled cages in the suburban and the boat), and she's going to finish cutting all the mesh and gathering pvc. i gave her a ginormous list of items to track down for the trip this morning, and she is going to purchase all of the items we don't have around the lab tomorrow. god love her. i'll be out on the verrill in the morning and overseeing a lab on plankton and freezing fish tomorrow afternoon, so i'm really not much help to her now. if this stuff gets written up, she definitely gets an acknowledgment. if anything else needs to be done before we leave, i guess i will be driving to dauphin island on sunday to make final preparations. but for now, i'm going to take a shower. i won't have time in the morning, unless i wake up before 6 am, which i'm not going to do. plus, i'm gross from collecting seawater samples from the beach and the marsh and playing with dirty pvc.

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