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Thursday, June 09, 2005


i'm back from port st. joe (i got home around 9:00 last night), and i'm working on a full description of the trip for you. expect to see a somewhat long entry detailing my adventures in port st. joe this week either later today or tomorrow, along with a few photos from the trip (i actually didn't have time to take very many). chad didn't kill phil while i was away, so i'll be putting him in the big tank this afternoon.

so i heard about our first tropical storm of the season on the radio yesterday on the ride back. and where is going to make landfall? where else? here. the current path has it hitting mobile. how much does that suck? i just hope t.s. arlene doesn't reach hurricane strength. after ivan, the mere mention of a hurricane hitting anywhere on the gulf coast really freaks me out. damn hurricanes.

anyway, i have TA duties to see to this morning, so i'm off to shower and head to the island so i can purchase some blue crabs for dissection and go out to airport marsh to grab some oyster clumps.

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