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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kelly Cup

so much for a kelly cup in florida this year. when pensacola suffered a heart-wrenching defeat at the hands of the damn grrrowl (even the one game they managed to win that series was a disappointment - see i'll see you thursday and the blame game for more on that fiasco), i was hoping that the florida everblades could make it all the way and bring the kelly cup to florida. well, they made it to the finals, only to have their asses handed to them by the trenton titans...and lose a decisive game 6 in their own building. at least they didn't get swept. they may have lost every single game in estero, but the 'blades did pull out a couple of wins in jersey. there is still some hockey to be played this season, though - in the ahl. it's down to the philadelphia phantoms (the affiliate of my beloved flyers) and the chicago wolves duking it out for the calder cup. since st. john's was eliminated early on and springfield didn't quite make the post season, that leaves me with 0 ice pilots associations to hold onto in the ahl, so i'm going with philly for the calder cup. go phantoms. i saw them in december...mostly for the flyers' players and antero nittymaki (who didn't even play that game...i didn't want to see freakin' neil little!). and brian eklund, of course (who also didn't play. damn the falcons for getting jamie storr the day before the game). the phantoms played springfield that game (lots of former pilots on that team), but springfield was not good this year so i really didn't care who won. it was fun anyway. i miss my hockey already. until october, boys...

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Vanessa Mae said...

As much as I wanted the Kelly Cup to be awarded to our division, I get a little satisfaction knowing that the Blades have choked yet again. Their fans are obnoxious. But I am certainly glad that the Cup didn't go to the West as well. Same reason.

I am missing hockey as well, and will also choose the Phantoms for the same reason as you (Flyers' affiliate). Hopefully the Falcons will do better next season, and even more ... hopefully, the NHL will be back. I don't think the sport can survive a second full season without it.