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Monday, June 27, 2005

Making a Comeback?

are the 80's upon us once again? i think they are, musically at least. before i'd heard the whole album, vanessa had told me that the killers' hot fuss cd was very reminiscent of the 80's. after hearing more songs than just "mr. brightside" and "somebody told me" i am inclined to agree
with my dear friend. that's not to say that it's a bad album. quite the contrary. it totally kicks ass. along the same lines, i have recently acquired weezer's new album, make believe, which i have been looking forward to for some time. before running off to best buy to pick up a copy of the cd this afternoon, the only song i'd heard from it was "beverly hills," a very catchy song with a completely enthralling video. of course, i popped in the disc on the 15 minute drive back home from best buy, and was pleased to discover that this is an excellent album. really, it's like chocolate covered strawberries for the ears... weezer's best album since the blue album. you know what i'm talking about - that kick ass creation with "buddy holly" on it. anyway, the point is that, like hot fuss, make believe also has a distinctly 80's sound, particularly the song "this is such a pity." as soon as the song began, i had visions of adam sandler in the wedding singer. and, also like hot fuss, make believe totally kicks ass. i am quite pleased with the band's new effort... and also relieved that i didn't just waste $14 on a disc that sucks. really, this is the first cd i've bought since green day's american idiot. i rarely purchase entire cd's, so it's kind of a big deal for me when i do. i've become a notorious downloader of random songs whose videos i see on fuse (the kick ass music channel on directv that i've raved about in previous posts). one big disappointment for me, though - iTunes does not have seether songs. blasphemy, i say! i really dig their new tune, "remedy" and i'd planned to download it, only to discover that iTunes doesn't have it. what a shame. i guess i'll be looking for that one in the realplayer store. ok, then. adios, amigos.

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