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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Bit of Shopping to Ease the Pain

as it is my one day off this week, i decided to do some shopping. not major shopping, but shopping. i had to pick up a couple of things from wal-mart, and then i decided that i want a new swim suit. after perusing wal-mart's selection (i'm on a grad student's budget here) and finding nothing to my liking, i headed over to the super target across the street. i was quite pleased to discover that there was a wide selection of swimwear at target on clearance. i did a little mental dance (a physical dance would have drawn a bit too much attention to me) at this bit of enlightenment, only to do an even more elaborate mental dance a few moments later when i saw that the clearance suits were being marked down even more. so i happily spent about half an hour or so flipping through the racks and trying on suits. i fell in love with this one green top, but i couldn't find the bottoms, so i was forced to give up on it. then i found this striped purple bikini that fit well, and when i looked at the price tag, i had to buy it - it was only $7.48 ($3.74 each for the top and the bottom). where can you find even half a bikini for $7.48? i thought so. so anyway, i made my purchase and returned home a happy girl.

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