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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

a bit of advice

some advice to all the men out there - don't tell your significant other that she (or he, if that's your thing) is your "favorite valentine." don't see the problem with this? well, i'll tell you what the issue is here. the phrase "favorite valentine" implies that you have others. so, if you're not a man-whore, just say "you're my valentine" and leave out the "favorite." or skip the valentine thing, and just say "i love you." simple, but good, and no wandering eyes, hands, thoughts, etc. implied. however, if you are something of a gigolo and do have several "valentines," then i guess telling a girl she's your favorite might make her feel good. and if a girl's self-esteem is so low that she thinks the only guy she can get is slut and takes comfort in being his favorite, well, that's just kind of sad. so where did this rant come from? last night i was at a pensacola ice pilots game, and one of the players sent the following message to his girlfriend (one of 'em, at least, if my multiple-valentines theory is correct) on the scoreboard: " To Laura, my favorite valentine. DDH #8." so, my friend vanessa and i took this to mean that laura is not his one and only...which would corroborate the story we concocted friday night when we saw him out with his harem of 4 women. hmm...

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