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Thursday, February 17, 2005


it must be a sign...i actually logged on to web to do something useful this time. i intended to access the university library's website to look up a few papers i've been meaning to acquire to develop my research question a little more...i'm supposed to be summarizing what's been done in the field of induced resistance to herbivory in seagrasses and marsh plants and gathering all the info i can find on the effects of induced resistance on the herbivores. once i do that, i'll know where the major unknowns are, which will help me convince my advisor (and my committee) that my idea is a good one...which means that i will actually be able to start on my graduate work. i've felt sort of...naked without a project for the past few months, especially when i was involved in research non-stop for nearly 3 years. i know there are at least two papers on my particular seagrass species (i know the guys who did the work), so i just need to actually get them. but alas, USA's website (and thus USA library's website) is down. i'm taking this as a sign that i am meant to put off doing actual work for a while longer, at least. now, i could put on some shoes and a jacket and physically go to the library (it's only 10 minutes away, after all), but why would i do that when i can get the necessary info from right here on my couch tomorrow? nope, i'll just sit here and procrastinate. i started a book last week (KOKO by Peter Straub). maybe i'll read a bit. or maybe watch a rerun of Friends.

ahhhh! damn directv. ok, so the Friends rerun option is closed to me. i turned the satellite to the WB, and what do i get? the blue screen of death. with the stupid "sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties" message. ok, FUSE it is...i like's a much better music channel than MTV, MTV2, or VH1. i'm not into hip-hop or r&b, so BET doesn't do it for me. fuse had a green day special made me happy...i did random stuff around my apartment while green day videos played for half an day rocks. i could listen to them all day...

anyway, to steal skeet's (TK101 dj) line - i'm outta here, bitches.

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