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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Hooray for productivity!

i'm proud of myself. i've accomplished a lot in the 4 hours i've been awake. i finished my paper, did taxes, ate something that wasn't junk food (yesterday, my calorie intake had an all-junk theme...tiny powdered doughnuts, ice cream, ranch wheat thins, chocolate thunder from down under from outback...). yucky - chad and i owe the state of alabama $135. oh well, we figured we'd have to pay something anyway since we paid fewer taxes for the first 5 months of last year than we did after we got married.

we saw some ice pilots in outback last night...david turon & ryan o'keefe and jordan krestanovich. i didn't bug them,'s just not the same when chad's the only one with me. he's not so into the harassing hockey players thing. he laughs at me b/c i gawk. last time we went to outback we saw jordan, o'keefe, and ryan stokes. i didn't bug them then, either, although several people did. i've decided that i need a girl posse if i'm going to bother the guys in public.

ok, time for more productivity...i've got bills to pay, checks to write.

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Vanessa Mae said...

Most likely if me, maybe even Casey, were there, we so would have joined you in bugging Turon, O'Keefe, and Krestanovich. At least Turon, since I kinda know his girlfriend Charka. They live in my neighborhood.

It seems to me that Jordan's more humble (humbler?) than he was when he first got here. Linda told me ... at the Meet The Players party, Jordan looked sad when she went to get Cam for me, cuz someone wanted Cam and not Jordan ... muahahahaha, that's what bigheaded players get!