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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

oh, the fog

fog at nearly 1:00 in the afternoon is so wrong. the weather in mobile (and here on dauphin island) is absolutely gorgeous...sunny and 74 degrees...a bit of a breeze. but driving over here on the causeway that runs between dauphin island and alabama port (teeny tiny little town between mobile and DI) i couldn't even see the bridge to the, you may not realize how significant this is, but trust me, that's bad. usually, i can see the bridge at least a mile or two before i get to, i couldn't see it until i was almost on it. but then, on the island BAM! beautiful. perfect trouble at all seeing the construction and debris removal crews fixing stuff up around here (no, this little island is still not cleaned up after hurrican ivan back in september).

ahh...almost time to meet andy and bum a bootlegged copy of Minitab so i can complete my biometry assignment. yes, i actually did start on that yesterday...only to discover that my student version of minitab (the one that came with my intro stats book) doesn't have all of the functions we need to do the stupid biometry assignment. so i'm going to install andy's full version...god bless the graduate student organization (GSO) here at the sea lab...makes it easy to share expensive software (ok, i have no idea how much minitab costs, but the point is, i'm not paying for it).

i just love warm weather...puts me in a good mood. too bad it has to go and get cold again tomorrow...74 today, 59 tomorrow. that sucks.

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Vanessa Mae said...

I see that you've joined the world of blogging! Welcome! You rock! You're going to find writing amazingly therapeutic.

I was blitzing through my counter stats today and I saw that someone from the IP host has been visiting recently. I only know one person who goes to Harvard Med. Gloria Hou. Cool beans.

I'm adding your blog to my list of links. If the number of blogs I list grows much bigger, I think I may section it off on it's own.

This is fun stuff. Don't forget, you can use to store photos you use on your blog!