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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I <3 iTunes

iTunes rocks...i love free songs. i'm in the middle of downloading 4 free songs from iTunes...good stuff. they also have free songs every week or so, so i got one of those, too ("save me" by unwritten law). i like not having to buy an entire album for just one or two good songs...just pay 99 cents for the songs i want...good stuff. i don't download enough songs to make $15/month for napster worth my while, so iTunes is perfect for me. and i do still buy cd's, if it's a band i really like (i will never download a green day song - i'll just buy the cd). oh, wait...i did download a couple from international superhits (i already had most of the songs on other cd's so i just needed the two that weren't on old cd's). anyway, i'm once again putting off's due tomorrow...and i have an essay to's due monday. i need to do it before the weekend, though. there are three ice pilots' games this weekend, so i'm not gonna want to do homework. there's a game tonight, too. sadly, i will have to settle for listening to this one. nuts. i shouldn't have told chad the game is against florida...we've seen them, like, 5 times this season, and he doesn't want to drive to p-cola on a week night when he has to work the next morning to see the pilots play a team we've seen a bunch of times already...especially considering that we're going to all three games this weekend...promising him that i would drive and he could sleep on the way home (even though it won't be that late) didn't work, either...i guess i could still go, but then i went and procrastinated away, and now i have to do physical oceanography homework that will require my emailing my prof, like, 6 times b/c i don't get it...and it's due tomorrow - no more time to put it off. it must be done. *sigh*

...back to the hockey talk for a bit, then off to do homework. damn mississippi for signing bates battaglia (but he does have a cool name)! just b/c his little bro plays there...i'm just a little miffed because i don't want the damn sea wolves to get better...we have to play them 6 more times (and i really don't like them, with the exception of louis dumont - it's not really his fault he's a damn sea wolf now...although he could have signed with another echl team). oh well, we can still take 'em. alaska has scott gomez (who i would fly to anchorage to see play if chad was for it - yes, i would go to alaska despite my aversion to cold just to see scott gomez) and we still have a lead on them in the league. true, we haven't actually played the aces...maybe we'll play them in the play-offs and i won't have to fly to alaska...that would be best for all involved. so, alaksa should win the national conference, and the pilots should win the american conference, so i don't have to fly to alaksa to see scott gomez. actually, if alaska wins the national conf., i might go see them wherever they play in our conference, even if we don't win it...i wonder how chad would feel about that...hmm...


Vanessa Mae said...

I have always liked Bates Battaglia's name as well. While it sucks that he's playing for the Sea Wolves, at least we'll get to see a NHL player in the Hangar. I gotta get some pictures!

Sucks for him as well ... it was just a couple of years ago that he was playing for the Stanley Cup! Geez, what a change.

latina marie said...

yeah, i'll say...stanley cup finals to echl hockey. oh well. get me copies of the pics when you take them?