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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Committee Meeting

so, i have been valiantly trying to set up my first committee meeting. i don't want it to be a big, formal, scary thing - just me and 3 PhD's in a room talking about my project. no power point, no trying to convince anyone of anything. i just want to sit down and talk with these people. unfortunately, we seem to be experiencing schedule conflicts...or that's what i assume. three out of four people involved in this meeting are free friday march 11 at 2 pm...but anne hasn't responded to my last two emails. so i can't tell everyone to write this down just yet. i wish she would hurry up and say, "yes, that's fine" or, "no, let's try [insert day and time here]." maybe i'll stop by her office after biometry this morning.

yuck...lots of work to do today. i still haven't started on that paper/mid-term that's due on monday...and i have to go to daphne today and pay a visit to east bay kia for car maintenance. i think i was supposed to do something for biometry today, but whatever it was, i didn't do it. no biggie...i think it was just look over the notes so i could ask questions about ANOVAs before we move on to another topic. and i guess if i'm trying to make this committee meeting thing happen, i need to actually read some of the stuff i have on seagrasses and induced resistance.

so, chad informed me this morning that he has to work for a couple of hours sunday night. that sucks...we have a game...i guess i'll be asking deva if she's busy sunday, see if she wants to go to the game with me. i saw jamie off yesterday as the movers were loading up her stuff to take to raleigh. *sad face* maybe she'll come visit. or maybe i'll make a trip to raleigh sometime. what's in raleigh? if the NHL plays in the fall, maybe i'll go see the hurricanes play the there's an idea. go see jamie, go to a game...good stuff.

alright, i gotta run...the shower beckons...

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