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Friday, February 18, 2005

Pilots and Cruises

beautiful...we were down by two...and now we're tied. there must be something about germain arena. we go down, but we always come back. i'm just sitting here at my mom's house listening to the pilots game. the 2nd period was bad to us, as many 2nd periods are...but the 3rd has been making up for that lately. i love a team that has a good 3rd period. or really, just a team that doesn't give up when they're down in the 3rd. and kudos to scott may with 2 goals this game. i like that guy. actually, i like a lot of our guys this year. i hope we get that 12th straight win.

anyway, it's been a pretty uneventful day...jamie came over...went shopping...made plans to go to her place monday to help her pack. *frown* i'm sad that she's moving to raleigh...maybe the NHL will have a season in the fall and she can go see the hurricanes. i hope the raleigh thing works out for her...i think she'll be happy with her sister there.

chad and i are thinking about taking a cruise to cozumel. we talked about it on the way back to flomaton...his parents want to go on the cruise. i don't know if i'm terribly excited about that. not the cruise, i'm all for that...but i don't know about being on a boat with his parents for a few days. not that i don't like the in-laws, they're i guess i don't know why i'm not too thrilled at the thought of going to cozumel with them. anyway, they want to go the weekend of may 19th...which is four days after my and chad's anniversary. it's also going to be during prime play-off time for the ice pilots (if they don't lose their magic in the post-season). i don't want to miss that. i think the august cruise is a better idea...that's something good for my 23rd birthday. i think there's one the week after my b-day that will be before fall semester starts.

sounds like this one might be another OT game in germain arena. the one chad and i went to in december went into OT...we won. it was good stuff. maybe may will get that hat trick tonight. yes, indeed, we have OT...i hope this one ends in our favor...all right, i'm off to focus on the rest of the game.

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