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Monday, February 28, 2005

Things I Should Be Doing

  1. studying for friday's "closed book take home" physical oceanography exam
  2. physical oceanography homework problems due on friday
  3. cleaning my apartment
  4. cleaning my aquarium (i think that i am slowing poisoning my fish, snail, and hermit crabs with steadily increasing amounts of nitrogenous compounds in the water)
  5. finding something to send to my brother for his wife's baby shower
  6. reading papers on induced resistance and its effects on herbivores
  7. making sure i have something to say at next week's committee meeting

am i doing any of these things? obviously, no. will i do them? eventually. will i do them today? probably not. what am i doing instead? well, blogging for now, but in general perusing my music collection, listening to stuff i haven't listened to for a while, trying to decide what song to get from iTunes w/ the free song pepsi cap that charlie so kindly donated to me this morning...and choosing random songs for the mix cd i am making for vanessa. ok, that's enough for now. i'm outie.

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