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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Lost Season

so they finally cancelled the NHL season officially. it's about time. i'm happy that the NHL isn't playing this year. this may confuse those who know what a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan i am. but i must say that i have been sustained by ECHL hockey this season...and i don't want to lose the awesome guys the Pilots have gotten from toronto (st. john's, really...and houston - AHL). an NHL season held the possibility of really screwing pensacola hockey...not to mention the fact that i just bought chris st. jacques's jersey...and he's an assigned player...who may have been called up if st. john's lost players to toronto. so...we ice pilots fans will have our guys for a few more months. and continue to enjoy our first place position. i'd like for our guys to get to move up in the hockey world, but for this season, i'm being selfish - i want to watch them play. and if continuing to see the best team that pensacola has ever had means that i don't have to pay the bill for NHL center ice from directv and can't see JR and the rest of the flyers until the fall, well then, so be it.

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