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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ice Pilots 1 Bates Battaglia 0

so we have survived our first encounter with bates battaglia. well, he had an assist, but we beat the damn sea wolves. it was an exciting game...scary moments. but jacquo had a big game...2 goals, including the game winner late in the 3rd...which was of course scored at the end where chad and i sit, so i had a great view. i didn't have such a great view of his 2nd period goal. oh well...he was 1st star. you go, jacquo. vanessa says she got some good pics of bates. if she brings prints to the game next saturday, we're going to stay after the game and get bates to sign them and take pictures with him. yeah, he's a damn sea wolf, but how often is a player like bates battaglia (famous in the hockey world at least) in pensacola? well, a few more times this year, at least. so we're going to take the opportunity to get a pic w/ him and get an autograph...not like when i didn't attack jeremy roenick when chad and i saw him in tampa. i'm still kicking myself for that. just b/c he was on the phone...

the alumni game before the mississippi game last night was so funny. bob solarski cracked everyone up. what's a news anchor man doing on the ice? especially when he can't skate. now, i can't skate either, but you didn't see me out there trying to play hockey. and i got to see *kelly* (my all-time favorite ice pilot) on the ice again. when they played the 5-min game against the jr. ice pilots, he was passing to the kids - what a cutie. christian and pierre were showing off, big time. and choo-choo was just being choo-choo. it was awesome seeing all those guys again. tim kerr, the pilots' owner, skated surprisingly well, but i guess when you play for that long, it just comes back.

chad thinks i should promote jacquo to being my all-time fave pilot, since i have his jersey. i do like that little guy...i wonder if i should stop calling him "little guy." i wonder if he takes offense to stuff like that. i wonder what he was thinking when he fought lane manson. so many questions...maybe he'll have another good night tonight. i just realized that the other times jacquo has played really well recently have been on days like sundays when there aren't that many people in the civic center. but last night, there were over 6,100 people there. good stuff. maybe i'll get a repeat performance tonight. maybe he'll hit lots of people and knock them down - i always get excited when he does that. i think we have something to prove to columbia tonight after friday night. we shouldn't have lost that game. oh well, the inferno should be pretty tired tonight, so maybe we'll kick ass.

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