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Friday, February 25, 2005

ughh. so, it doesn't look like this mid-term/paper thing is going to get done today. i need a break. my goal was to write the thing today and be done with it. but since i didn't start it until today, i don't think i'm going to finish it until later. that's ok...i think i'm going to just stop writing about beach erosion and sediment accretion for today and continue that some other time. i am in desperate need of a shower. that's next on my list of things to do today. i was going to shower earlier, but i was on a roll and didn't want to lose my train of thought. the plan for after my cosmo until time for the game. or do something that doesn't require my brain, anyway. it's good that i don't have class on fridays. gives me time to work on stuff. but, as it turns out, i'm getting lazy. what am i gonna do when i actually have to work a full day? no sitting around, watching fuse, dancing around my living room when no one's watching, reading cosmo or some dive magazine, surfing the net, blogging when i think of something random...but doing actual work. hmm...i think i'll be ok. it will be fun work...and my schedule will still be flexible. i'll get to get paid for going to the beach. that always rocks. unless it's january and windy...then the beach sucks...i freeze and can't feel my fingers...yeah, that winter collecting thing isn't cool. i'll make sure i don't have to do any of that for my PhD project.

speaking of my project, i finally managed to set that committee meeting thing in stone. it's friday, march 11 at 2 pm. so i'm actually making progress there. that makes me happy. and more importantly, it makes dr. v. happy, so he doesn't think i'm a total spaz. not that he thinks that anyway. he pretty much said that i shouldn't worry about things too much for my 1st year of grad school...just go to class and attend seminars, and he's happy. but i'm not really happy just doing that. i'd rather be doing something useful...i don't want to be one of those people who stay in grad school until they're 30. i want to have my PhD when i'm 25...or 26, if it takes that long. the point is, doing nothing toward my project for a year doesn't help that cause. so i'm getting a little antsy. i want to start the title of that lost prophets cd.

i'm excited about the game feels like it's been forever since i've been to one. chad says i can't wear my jersey tonight since it's a white out night, and my jersey is a blue one. :P i want to wear it anyway...matt might go with us tonight. i'm not matt's biggest fan, but he's chad friend, so what can i do? i can survive him for one night...chad doesn't make me hang out with him that much. anyway, it'll be another butt in a seat in the civic center. oh, and chad got out of working on sunday, so he'll be at the game with me then...and tomorrow, and tonight. i'm really excited about the alumni game...i get to see *kelly* play again. yay.

all right, enough chatter. shower time.

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Vanessa Mae said...

He he said spaz ... LOL ... "shut up, spaz" ... I love Three Ninjas!!! (And I know you do too).

See ya at the game!