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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Plots kill babies!

perhaps lindsey and i have too much fun in biometry. one of us (or more often both of us) will stop paying attention and say something really random...which of course cracks us both up. i firmly believe that everything is funnier (1) when there's something in your mouth (have you ever noticed that, when you've just taken a big sip of something and haven't swallowed yet or you're brushing your teeth or chewing up a big bite, someone just has to look at you the wrong way and you totally crack up?) and (2) when you're somewhere where sudden spasms of laughter are totally inappropriate. because, of course, knowing that you shouldn't laugh makes it so much harder not to. well, they both happen to me quite often - i am horribly prone to uncontrollable giggling fits. for example, last semester in chemical ecology, one lecture dealt with the effects of several herbal remedies. well, one of the effects of a particular traditional herb is seeing little, of course lindsey and i thought that this was hilarious...really, it doesn't sound funny now...but in a semi-dark classroom listening to a lecture where sudden giggling is frowned upon, it was the funniest thing ever...especially when we tried to imitate an affected person's behavior and the reactions of emergency room staff...we must have laughed for at least five minutes straight. really, it's a good thing that the prof for that class was my undergraduate advisor, whose lab i worked in for 3 she was pretty accustomed to my little quirks. maybe she thought it was funny, too.

anyway, today's randomness...mccreadie (biometry prof) was talking about...something - i don't think i was paying attention...but he kept saying the word "larvae" over and many times that i had tuned out anything but "larvae" and realized what a funny word it is. it was one of those times when you hear a word so many times that it loses all meaning, and for me, this makes words funny. so, i told lindsey who wasn't paying attention, either, what a funny word "larvae" is, and she just randomly started whispering, "larvae!" which made me laugh, and my laughing made her laugh...ok, i guess you had to be there. then, as we were leaving class, we were discussing the procedures we'd used on our assignment, and suzanne had used plots to figure out whether she should use correlation or regression...when earlier in the semester mccreadie told us plots are bad - they are too subjective to be accurate...i wrote that in my notes, "plots are bad." so, lindsey and i were discussing the malicious qualities of statistical plots vs. analyzing the numbers, and she said, "plots are evil - plots kill babies!" ok, maybe this is another one of those 'you had to be there' things, but it was freakin' hilarious an hour ago.

anyway, in another fit of extreme procrastination, i have created a website, so feel free to visit...i have posted some photos, the quantity of which will be increasing over the next couple of weeks. there are also links to a couple of good sites to make you laugh when you need a little mood-lifter...the darwin awards one is guaranteed to make you feel better about just know that you are smarter than these people.

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