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Sunday, March 13, 2005

all talked out

after a pretty talkative, opinion-generating week, i haven't had a lot to say this weekend. it was pretty uneventful...went to mom's house, hung out with my little sis. played horse (and then we made it camel after lots of giggling when we got h-o and h-o-r), went to the park and got followed around by panting ducks (yes, i said panting, like a dog...too bad we didn't bring bread or anything). played on the swings, which i haven't done in such a long time. it was fun...sort of like a temporary return to kiddie-land.

ahhh...spring break. going to destin for lots of good shopping with deva tomorrow. a nice day trip. maybe we'll swing by the beach for a bit, even if it's just to take a walk. it'll be good times.

oh, i can't forget...i didn't listen to the game last night, but i was quite happy to hear that the pilots beat charlotte in a shootout to clinch a playoff spot. :)

one last thing...i've been having commenting issues with blogger and i hear that some of you guys have, too, so if my peeps still have probs commenting on my blog let me know. my issues with commenting on other blogs seem to be resolved, though.

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