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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Worker's Comp Nightmare

that is what my husband is. when we get around to doing that whole having kids thing, they will will be the clumsiest children to ever walk the earth. so, yesterday chad hurt his ankle at work (for the second time in the last couple of months). this time, they made him go to the doctor. that's where he is now. i just got in from class, so i didn't go with him, and i don't know what the verdict is yet. his appointment was for 11 am.

this is not the first time that worker's comp has had to pay for a doctor visit for chad. but the last time it was for a different company - he managed to fall through an unfinished attic (it had no floor) while walking along the studs and banged his ribcage (he didn't break anything). at least he gets to go to his regular doctor this time. i told him to go to the doctor the first time he hurt his ankle, but he refused. i also made him get a tetanus shot when he got cut by a metal stud while working in orange beach after the hurricane...worker's comp didn't pay for that one. he didn't get the shot for almost a took convincing him that he would die if he got tetanus to make him go. and 60% of people who actually get tetanus really do die, even with medical care that involves a 3-week hospital stay, most likely on life support...i'm not making that up. i actually didn't know that before that whole cut thing happened. it was pretty deep...he has a nasty scar from it.

chad isn't going to work tomorrow, either. i'm happy about that. he'll still get paid (love those sick days), and he won't have an excuse (working late) not to go to the pilots game with me tomorrow. so, we'll probably go. he's trying to get a temporary handicapped parking permit so we don't have to park in the field this weekend. my friend carrie got one of those when she hurt her ankle a couple of years ago. it was really convenient.

ok, i'm gonna study a bit before chad gets home and distracts me.

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