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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Moral Dilemma Solved

well, my moral dilemma is no longer a factor for me. i studied for the exam. i looked over my notes this morning. and then i took the exam blind, and then i immediately emailed it to dr. park. i did not cheat. my mother would be so proud. god, i'm such a nerd. well, deva did look at my test yesterday. but i didn't. and the only hint she gave me was that i needed to know definitions...something i already knew. actually, i'm kind of pissed. the exam was really easy. i really didn't need to bother with all that confusing crap in chapters 4 & 5. there was only one exam question between those two chapters, and it was an easy definition. are they allowed to ask such easy questions on graduate-level exams? i guess they are. damn. i shouldn't have said that. just because i have stated publicly that the exam was easy, i will have missed something, some part of one of those questions that was a trick. damn. i always jinx myself like that. and erasing what i just wrote won't solve's out there. i've thought it. damn again. oh well. i still say it was an easy test. and i think i did well...i better have, dammit. i haven't made a B on a test since Organic chem. and i still pulled an A out of the course. I and II.

right now i'm listening to some of the mp3's vanessa gave me last night at the game...outkast "roses." not typically my type of music, but i love that song...just because it says "poo poo" about a hundred times. it makes me laugh. i like that. god love vanessa...and she gave me *bates battaglia* pics last night...and *jacquo* pics... :) ...getting the bates pics autographed after the game tonight, even though i hope his team gets their asses handed to them. and another part of Operation Ambush Bates, get pics with him. :) again. i'm looking forward to it.

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