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Monday, March 21, 2005

Back to the Real World

ahh...back to useful things this week. spring break is over. not that i really went anywhere or did anything especially out of the ordinary, but it was nice not having classes for a week. i did go to destin with deva, and vanessa came over on saturday. we had a nice time at dauphin island...i gave her a little tour (not that there's a lot to see on the island...), we ate at the sand trap (yummy), went to the estuarium (fun critters - i impressed vanessa with my fish knowledge), hung out at the beach for a while. then, back in mobile, chad joined us for dinner at fazoli's and a showing of the ring 2 (the ending is much better in this one than the first). overall, it was a nice, relaxing week. but now i have to read a couple of articles before class this morning and start on my biometry assignment after class this afternoon. at least there's no physical oceanography this week...we get a break this week so we can go to john higgins's dissertation defense. should be interesting. his project was on jellyfish.

maybe the maintenance people will bring my new dishwasher today. for those of you who don't know, my dishwasher crapped out on me last week...with a load of dishes in it, which i was then forced to wash by hand (well, it was either that or have my kitchen piled up with dishes for a week or so...). it sucked. so i have been reduced to hand-washing dishes, something i haven't done in, like, three years. yes, i realize what a great time-wasting tragedy this is.

ok, gotta go do useful things...

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