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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hip-Hop Invasion

does it seem to anyone else that "pop" has become hip-hop? i spend my mornings either listening iTunes or dodging hip-hop/rap videos on VH1, MTV, and MTV2. all b/c fuse viewers other than myself apparently don't get up until after 10 am. so what's on fuse before 10 in the mornings? body by jake. ha! that's not music videos. and even fuse is beginning to be invaded by that damn hip-hop. so not cool. i can't even listen to the radio in the mornings b/c my favorite station (TK101) has lex & terry in the mornings...who don't play music. and most of the time, i don't think they're funny, although they do have their moments.

anyway, for now i have landed on VH1, which for now is showing a U2 it's *green day* even though this song ("boulevard of broken dreams") is highly overplayed (and not their best, if i may say so), i'm always excited to see one of their videos...even if i have seen it a hundred times in the last week. i know, i could listen green day all day via iTunes, since i imported pretty much every cd since dookie...but it's just not the same as the videos. oh well. i'm impressed at the 2 non-hip-hop videos in a row. it sucks when all three music channels (the ones that show videos in the morning and then barely any all day long) have the same hip-hop video on all day. really, i'm not even that into most pop music (but i do like shakira and the new kelly clarkson song)...i prefer alternative/rock, but it's better than hip-hop. i was watching all-access fuse yesterday, and they had an interview w/ the killers, who were talking about rock making a comeback in a hip-hop dominated world. i would love to see that. i don't listen to our local pop stations anymore b/c all they play is hip-hop...which i guess is fine for people who only like hip-hop. i'm not opposed to all hip-hop music. i could still listen to stations like Q100 and WABB when they only played the occassional hip-hop song, mixed with traditional pop and some rock thrown in for good measure. but i just can't listen to hip-hop all day. hey, the new 3 doors down video has miguel from passions in it (or john the gardener from desperate housewives, if you prefer). hmm.

i'm thinking of downloading "i'm not okay" by my chemical romance. i like the video, and it's not a bad song. i'm also thinking of downloading "duality" by slipknot...the only slipknot song that has really made me go, "hmm...i really like this song." chad brought me another pepsi cap that he got from a guy at work yesterday. if any of you don't have iTunes and get those free song caps, i do have iTunes and enjoy the free you can donate your unwanted free song caps to me. i got "the geeks get the girls" by american hi-fi yesterday. a pretty good song...and a free download from iTunes this week even without a free song cap.

ok, this blogging thing has become a big distraction...the perfect excuse to not do what i really need to. which is study for my upcoming physical oceanography exam. we don't have class today, since dr. park is out of town until tomorrow, so we're having class on friday morning instead. which, i guess is better than wednesdays from 1:30-4:30...that bad post-lunch time when i just want to take a nap. so i'm actually happy about a friday 9 am to noon class. that's a time of day when i can actually stay awake during a 3-hr lecture. all right, i can't keep 5 chapters of ocean-related physics waiting any longer.

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