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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Procrastination Catches Up

i think that all of my blatant procrastination is starting to catch up with me. i've put so many things off that they're starting to pile usual. it's not like i'm not accustomed to these things. i don't do anything until i have a huge pile of stuff waiting to be done within a few days. yesterday, i was forced to finally finish my biometry assignment...fortunately, lindsey made that rather easy for me. she asked mccreadie all of our joint questions and told me what he said. oh, speaking of lindsey, she's such a goof. there was cake in the biology dept office yesterday, as it was dr. nelson's b-day (he's lindsey's advisor), so of course i went before class to have cake (even though i am no longer an official part of the bio dept...). lindsey was standing, talking to me and the bio secretary, judy. and she was hugging some papers she was putting off grading to her chest with a pen pressed against the end of her nose...judy said, "don't stick it..." and before she could say "up your nose" lindsey had a pen hanging from her nose. gross...but grade-school funny. i laughed, judy laughed, lindsey laughed, lindsey removed the pen from her nose, and i went to class.

anyway, back to the subject at hand, today i must start and complete the physical oceanography homework that has been waiting for me since before spring break...that will not be easy. nuts. that stupid homework will take up my entire afternoon. i really should have started it earlier. i'll probably just work on it long enough to put something on paper and not bother to email dr. park with all of my inevitable questions. i'll take a not-quite-par grade on this assignment and do better on the next one. one not-so-good homework grade shouldn't jeopardize my A...even though the homework is 30% of the final grade in that class...nuts. but he's pretty lenient in grading the homework.

and then, later in the the papers i chose to assign for geological oceanography, gather more information on sediment-organism interactions, and prepare to lead the discussion on monday. hopefully, i'll get lucky like charlie did yesterday. the discussion went off on a tangent (larry, an engineer rather than a biologist like the rest of us, asked about the basics of evolution). so we spent the discussion portion of class talking about how things evolve and coevolution between a predator and its prey. charlie hardly had to do anything, and we barely talked about his topic. it was a good discussion, though. hopefully people will be just as talkative next week.

ok, enough talk of the demise of procrastination. the shower beckons. but first, i'll leave you to ponder a quote i heard while watching a rerun of Animal Planet's The Most Extreme last night:

"Elephants in must are like college students on spring break - sex-crazed, aggressive, and smell really, really bad."
~Animal Planet's The Most Extreme "Stinkers" episode

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