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Friday, March 04, 2005

Shit List

so, the texas wildcatters have officially made my shit list. this list includes the likes of the mississippi sea wolves, the louisiana ice gators, and the ottawa senators. these teams are preceded by the word "damn" when i refer to the them (the damn sea wolves, damn ottawa, etc.). i have never had a major beef with the wildcatters...until tonight. tonight texas changed my opinion of their team with their dirty, unsportsman-like play. two players in particular, james demone (#24) and grant mcneill (#8), have made it onto my rather exclusive list. demone attacked vanessa's beloved cam keith for a clean check. he attacked cam from behind, slamming him into the boards and punching him repeatedly in the head...even when cam was down on the ice, doing absolutely nothing to provoke demone. he got a game misconduct, as well as 7 min worth of penalties. cam went to the locker room with a cut behind his ear and did not return to the game. we shall see what his condition is. then after my little guy, chris st. jacques, executed a beautiful, clean hit on falco (#15) and knocked him down, mcneill tackled him. yes, tackled him - and this hockey i'm talking about here, not football. there was a big scuffle, a bit of a pile-up with jacquo on the bottom. apparently, mcneill took offense to a small guy like jacquo hitting the bigger falco and causing him to fall. this apparently made falco look bad, and mcneill didn't like that. he got a 4 min roughing penalty, a 10 min misconduct, and a game misconduct. i would like to point out that such atrocious actions on the parts of demone and mcneill were completely unprovoked. those bastards. overall, texas played dirty. damn texas.

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