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Monday, March 21, 2005

Laziness Prevails

no, i do not have to wash last night's dishes by hand. hooray! laziness wins again. if you couldn't guess, my new dishwasher was installed today. it's so much nicer than the old one. and now i'm incredibly glad that i opted to be lazy last night and just leave the dinner dishes in the sink instead of being proactive and washing them. so now i can just put 'em in the dishwasher and turn the knob to "wash." good stuff.

so, i told myself earlier that i would start on my biometry assignment this afternoon. yeah, that didn't quite happen. but, as i discovered in class this morning, at least 4 other people haven't started either, so i don't feel bad about procrastinating. doug (geological oceanography prof) apparently had a bad spring break, so he chose not to give us a lecture today. can we say "yay"? yes, i believe we can. so, my 3-hour class turned into a 1-hour open discussion with no lecture to follow. sweet. and when i got home, the maintenance guys (who showed up about 10 minutes before i left for class) had finished installing my sweet new dishwasher. hmm...i probably should have paid a visit to the library this afternoon, seeing as how i found out today that i am assigning the readings for the discussion in geological oceanography next week and not the week after, as i had originally thought. yuck. that means i have to sift through tons of crap before finding 3 suitable papers. then, week after next, i have to lead the discussion. but after i find the papers, putting together the power point presentation shouldn't be too bad...i've done tons of those, and the setting is pretty casual. no need to be nervous.

with all this laziness, i almost feel like i haven't done anything at all today. but i did go and work out with my unexpected free gave me a chance to read some more in the book i'm reading now (christopher pike's The Blind Mirror, his first new book in 5 years and one of his few adult books). that's one advantage a treadmill has over walking through the park - i can read on a treadmill. if i did that while walking in the park, i'd either run over a kid or get squished by a car. i want to finish The Blind Mirror soon so i can start on the books vanessa lent me over the weekend. they sound highly amusing. but with all my recreational reading, i'm not doing a whole lot of work and class-related reading, which is what i should be doing. oh well. i don't have physical oceanography on wednesday, so i'll spend a couple of hours in the library before higgins's defense. yeah, sounds like a plan.

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Vanessa Mae said...

Glad that you got the new dishwasher! That was pretty quick too.