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Monday, March 07, 2005

Big Fat Chicken

that's what i am. when deva went out to get freddy to sign her jersey last night, the plan was to see if we could get nick lindberg to flex for us, since he was there the night that we got kinkel to do it. but when he came out, he was with cory stillman, and i chickened out. so, no nick flex pic. :(

the game was good, though. freddy had a shut-out. :) jacquo was a +1...and he had an assist on the first goal. so, the little guy is finally back in the plus column. good stuff. and deva got her freddy pic...he was really sweet. my camera retaliated again...damn camera. it took the pic of freddy signing her jersey, but it refused to take the pic of just deva & freddy. he told her that if it didn't turn out, she should come and get him to do it again. :) for deva. i think my camera just doesn't like biloxi. that's my new theory, since it worked at McGuire's and every other time i've used it.

it doesn't look like deva and i will be going on the deep sea fishing trip with the pilots next monday. chad seems to really not want me to go, so i won't. i'd be really pissed if i told him i didn't want him to do something and he did it anyway. it's not about the money, although that's his excuse in public. i think he's worried i'll leave him for a hockey player, which i wouldn't. i'm not made of the stuff that's required to date a professional athlete. not seriously, anyway. i'd go nuts. and i'm sure not gonna leave my husband for a fling, which is all that anything with a hockey player would be. so i wouldn't have a fling, or anything. i would feel too guilty. i'm just not a cheater. i don't like to do things that i wouldn't want other people to do to me. chad knows that, and still he worries. what's a girl to do?

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