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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another Obligation

yesterday i foolishly volunteered to bake brownies and cookies for Discovery Day at the sea lab on saturday. should be a good time for all...sea lab tours, 15% discount for everyone in the estuarium gift shop and discount admission to tour the aquarium itself. lots of activities for the little ones - games, a dunking booth, food (including my yet-to-be-baked marbled brownies and chocolate-macadamia-peanut butter cookies). the event will be held from 10-2 on saturday at the estuarium/dauphin island sea lab, if anyone is interested. but i'm not going to be there. which is why i'm baking. matt (GSO president) sent out an email yesterday saying that if people don't sign up for something (selling stuff, running games, getting dunked, baking) he's going to assign positions for everyone. not cool. so i volunteered to bake things. i think that chad and i are headed back to flomaton this weekend (he's installing security cameras at his parents' house and needs to get his wires in place before the repair peeps get the new roof on). hurricane repairs are finally being made on the in-laws' house - $27,000 worth of them, to be exact. basically, half their house has to be rebuilt - new sheet rock, new window, new rafters, brick repairs, whole new roof, etc. my mom finally got her new roof last week. and she doesn't like it.

but anyway, i digress. i really thought the discovery day thing was next weekend and that i would be baking like a madwoman next thursday/friday. but no. i'll be baking and individually wrapping my creations tomorrow and dropping them off at DISL on friday before heading back to mobile in time for the 4 pm seminar on chemical ecology being hosted by the bio and chemistry depts at USA. actually, if chad is planning to go to flomaton on friday, i might not even go to the seminar...he's supposed to get off work early since he's worked kind of late the past couple of days. anyway, the doing stuff at his 'rents house is one reason we may not go witness the pilots' vendetta against damn texas on friday. i'd personally like to see a little revenge for the loss on sunday. and if we take out last night's loss to the damn ice gators on texas too, then so be it.

anyway, i've still got to do a ton of stuff for my discussion-leading stint on read the papers i picked out, gather info, put together a power point presentation. basically, i haven't done one single thing on it. and i probably won't start on it until tomorrow. so i guess i'm off to wal-mart to buy baking supplies (which i will get reimbursed for), then i'll be reading papers before heading DISL for physical oceanography this afternoon. oh, busy day.

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